Game crashed to desktop

I put 8gb on C and 12gb on D. Also i checked that automatic box to adjust the memory like it should have. I’m hoping the devs will fix this so I can swap it to normal.

I have the same issue: when I start a campaign, a solo game, or even the beginner’s tutorial, it crashes instantly or after a couple of minutes into the game. The game disappears, back to desktop, without a single warning or error message.
Playing on Steam.
I asked the constructor of my computer and they say “it fits the requirements” of the game, so I suppose it’s good quality enough.

Apologies :slight_smile: posted late then went offline!
Yeah literally just goes to desktop, no errors, no slowing down of game play… just straight to desktop.

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Tried going to a campaign (one of the learning to play campaigns) and the game just freezes and there’s the ‘not responding’ message in the title bar and then the white screen of death where you get the all familiar sending error message to microsoft box. Haven’t tried any other campaigns yet though

I have the official Microsoft Store version of the game that was released yesterday. Microsoft store indicates my computer should be able to run the game as it meets the minimum specs.

I downloaded Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition yesterday and played for about 5 minutes testing some stuff out and it was working great. I then installed the DLC Enhanced Graphics Pack and turned that on and tried to play a campaign mission as a test and it crashed. I tried a few more times in the campaign after that but I was met with more and more crashes. I then looked up solutions to the problem, and then changed stuff that somebody told me to change updated stuff that needed to be updated and it still crashed. I then looked up NVidia drivers which I hadn’t done before and downloaded the newest version from what I could tell. It did a search for compatibility and said it was not compatible I then went to the intel drivers and found out I was up to date. I tried again a few times and it still crashed, here and there the game would run and would look beautiful for like 5 seconds and then I would press a button and the screen would freeze or crash. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the game and DLC and it still crashed after that. I’m not an IT specialist so I’m not super good with changing values and all that. I’m apparently not the only one with these problems as I’ve seen a lot of people on the discord support channel with many many different issues, but they are mostly saying that the servers aren’t working in multiplayer. I have an Ethernet and have a device that prevents the overheating of my computer so I have no idea.

maybe try play without the DLC?

I’m having the same issue game constantly crashing after 10-15 min playing standard game… Please help with this…

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Benchmark crash and loading screen stutter?

So i updated windows used DDU to install new drivers and before i downloaded the UHD graphics pack, my system was get 18-22fps in the benchmark and in game via standard game test 100fps. Changing settings before the benchmark from low to ultra made 0 difference.

After the UHD pack benchmark doesnt work and sometimes even causes steam to crash. Standard game fps is the same. The game also stutters massively during the loading screen.

I did alot that updating and it didnt help. I also verified the game files.

Icore 7 6700k 4.5ghz
Vega 64
32gb 3200mhz ram
Asus xg32vq 1440p 144hz in freesync

if the game is crashing to desktop after selecting UHD, try increasing the size of your pagefile. i have made mine 16GB in size and the game runs well now.

It is absolutely ridiculous that they would sell a broken game that crashes time and time again. Completely unacceptable in 2019. everyone is having the problem, I expect loads will be demanding refunds:

It’s really unfair they would make us wait so much and then sell a broken unworking game. Devs really don’t care. They get their money, and then up to the fans to ‘fix it’ and do the work for them or just dont care and don’t play. Disgrace.

i got the same problem here.

same issue for me, game crashes to desktop, no error messages, just freezes then crashes to desktop. Seemed to happen most often for me after about ten minutes into a campaign, but also in both of the multiplayer team games i have tried so far.

My game is crashing randomly. Maybe in a campaign, or in the main menu, with and without UHD.
There are no rules for crashing in the battle.
I found the logs folder that might help.

i7 7700K
GTX 1070TI 8G

It loaded at 1 fps with this idea can we all be honest here… this game is unoptimized. Hurts me to admit i grew up with this title i want this to succeed so bad

Any word from the devs team regarding a potential fix to these crashes?

I get the same crash in the Benchmark test. I have 32gb of ram and I used 3840x2160 resolution. RTX 2080 TI and i9 9900k.
I managed to set up a page file and run the benchmark, but it seems like a bug since only 16gb of ram are used. Why would it need a page file if it has another 16gb just free for the taking?

Disabled the page file and now can run benchmark fine (dit it like 5 times and got steady 50-60 and score of 1150 - very good). Still crashes in game randomly. Lost 2 games due to this issue. Worked better in beta…

How did you disable the page file for the game?

I solved this increasing Virtual Memory from 4gb to 12gb in performance settings.

if someone else test this, comment how it goes.


I disabled it entirely, not just for the game. From Control Panal, Advanced Settings, Performance tab.

How much physical RAM do you have? I feel like under 16gb this would be necessary, but at 32gb it is ridiculous.