Game crashes after July Update when hunting 2nd boar

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  • GAME BUILD #: Age of Empires 2 DE version 50292
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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My game has crashed three times in a row in a ranked 1v1 matchup, today. This only happened since the update of yesterday. I played yesterday before the update and there was no issue. I am not exactly sure what caused the crash, but it seems to happen when I bring in a boar under my TC, and click it or have it selected while it dies. Funny enough, it only seemed to happen on the second boar, not the first (see the replays attached).

I can play other gamemodes, such as CBA, without any issue - the problem has just been normal random maps.

UPDATE: I tested it out in offline skirmishes against the AI and the crash happened 2/5 times, the other 3 the crash did not happen as I brought in the second boar. One of these I recorded, see video I attached of my ‘gameplay’ (crash occurs around 3:19)

UPDATE II: If the issue is related to the steam achievement ‘Dark Dinner’ ('eat two boars in Dark Age), I had that achievement prior to the issues surfacing.

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  • 80% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY) (that is, 1v1 matches, as well as skirmishes against the AI)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start a 1v1 ranked match on a map that has boars
  2. Lure boar under TC
  3. Weaken boar with TC arrow fire
  4. Finish off with villagers
  5. Crash?

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Well, the game not crashing, for one.

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PS: The Red Prince is my second account

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I looked to find game logs, but the ‘main’ text files in the log folder of today’s date are all empty. I looked at the ‘SlowLog’ folder too and the ones for today all say this:

PE:0, O:0, I:0, P:0
PE:1, O:0, I:0, P:0
PE:2, O:1, I:1, P:100
PE:3, O:0, I:0, P:0
SlowLog Created

PE:0, O:1, I:1, P:100
PE:1, O:0, I:0, P:0
PE:2, O:1, I:1, P:100
PE:3, O:1, I:1, P:100

I’m not sure if that’s helpful but please let me know if you need more information. Thank you for any help in advance

Random Maps generally crash in MP, if either players have a slightly different file content with the same name. Some generation is missing/added. Going out of sync, if one player is interacting with an object that does not exist for the other (due to script generation difference). You could try deleting the specific Random Map in the game files and verifying the contents to redownload it.

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Interestingly there was some another post about game crashing when you kill a scout with TC. Both these bugs are related to an achievement.

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EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM. crash occurred on minute 6 the three times, 1v1 RM ladder, although one time it did not.

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Do xbox store user also have the same achievements? Maybe this is one of the reasons why steam users crash, and xbox users don’t!

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Hi all,

I’m having the same issue here, game crashes to desktop randomly in multiplayer.
I didn’t have this issue before the July update, and now it’s barely letting me play.

My config works well on a brand new laptop (16go RAM, RTX 2060…) so i guess the update has something to do with it ?

Anyone knows if the devs are aware of that ?

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(2) Btw i didn’t notice exactly when my game crashed but i’m 100% sure last one was while killing 2nd boar, like you @Morgathor

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Same here it crashed 5 times in the last hour. In my case each time I unlocked an archievement it was shown in the lower right corner and the game closed and I ended back in the steam lauching screen.
It also crashes each time I try to load the saved game from tuesday which I wanted to continue.
This all started with yesterdays update prior to the update from yesterday I had 1 or 2 crashed in the last 6 month. And now I cannot play anything anymore.


If you mean the achievement “Dark Dinner” (Eat 2 boars in Dark Age), I already have that achievement. Do you think that’s what the bug is, that it tries to give me that achievement even though I have it?

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I have the same exact problem. This is my log:

Loading player profile
Setting up hotkeys
[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:55:08.131 (UTC) CallContext::SetComplete - ExtendedError -5 for ExtensionDoExternalCallEvent. Exception ID .

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:55:08.131 (UTC) ExtensionDoExternalCallEvent - response was failure: 401 

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:55:24.017 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:55:39.537 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:55:40.604 (UTC) Rejecting packet type 0 that claims to come from ourself

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:55:42.219 (UTC) Rejecting packet type 0 that claims to come from ourself

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:55:49.182 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 21:00:17.707 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 21:01:00.641 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered

[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 21:01:10.201 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered

Sync is being logged
Sync is being logged
[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 21:01:24.238 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered

Exception type 0xc0000005 occurred at 00007ff6cd919d40
Writing crash record file.
Writing out log

Same problem for me. I’d say it occurs less often then 2 out of 5 though.

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I am having this problem too. I’m in a game right now that is crashed, it looks like i’ve lost conection to the server, but here I am using it. Is like you described, just killed the second boar and the game froze. This is the third time that happened after the patch.

Edit: Another crash after hunting the second boar
Should send the crash log to who?

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No I did not try to kill a Boar and I did not go for the “Dark Dinner” I already have this since “Art of War”. I could not crash the game by hunting Boars. It crashed a couple of minutes after the Boars where long gone. It just crashes constantly and I’m not able to reproduce this. I have a couple of save files from which I can get the game to crash for example: spaming Condottieri like crazy wait 2-3 minutes and it crashes. But I cannot say what actually is causing the crash.
The only thing that work all the time if I load the save game from Tuesday (prior to the patch) and I crashes while loading the save.

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I’ve been having similar problem, doesn’t necessarily seem to be related to the boar as for me its also happened in early imp (not when there was any crazy spam or anything like that)

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Bump. I’m having the same issue in skirmishes against the AI. Interestingly I haven’t crashed in MP yet.

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After the update today, all seems to be fixed!