Maybe consider to revert the newest patch? is just unplayable and bugfest!

Lol I could continue but the list maybe too long for a pots but seriously this is more buggy than any other released 11.
Can’t wait for DOTD with Keshiks generating 100 gold per hit, or something else

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Nha, i DON’T want to go back to the painful painting / elevationspeed that luducruis map sizes had before the patch

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They just need to do a hot fix.

The patch works fine, only detail is that i dropped 60 points on the benchmark, but whatever, now when i was complaining about the anniversary patch and single players around here didn’t complain and didn’t want to revert that patch, well feel the pain xd, there is a lottery every single patch.

There were some issues with servers who disconnects (by many players) which seem to be solved, but I haven’t noticed anything else. I must admit I haven’t played a lot yesterday (due to server issues), so I may be lucky.

Just wanna point out that the quote from me is not in any kind related to the newest version of the game.

But still: game crashes way too much on my gaming PC… just in end screen ■■■■ chatting with one of my allies it crashed 11 why???