Game crashes in all multiplayer matches. Says I got a connection problem, and was disconnected. Always after five minutes of play

Game Version:

  • Build (####) Latest
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store) Steam


All multiplayer matches I start get disconnected after five minutes.

Reproduction Steps:

Does not apply.

No need for a screenshot.


I’m having the same issue here, game just kicks me out of the match everytime after some minutes.


same, posted in another topic already. still waiting some reply.

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my friend has the exact same problem. we try playing a game and then after a bit he gets disconnected

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Are you seeing an error when the disconnect happens?

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Yes but it only says that i have been disconnected.

On the image
“You have been disconnected from network. Check your connection and try again.”

Same problem for me aswell

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Same issue for me, I made a new post:

AoE2:DE Kills Network Adaptor - Age of Empires II / Report a Bug (Definitive Edition) - Age of Empires Forum

I get the same message as Santfhiel.

Same issue here. Happens to multiple players in my friend-group. We are all on ethernet connection and on voice comms with no disruption of service, other than in AOE2:DE.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen, sometimes it happens within 10-15 minutes, sometimes later like 20-25, so it is hard to reproduce reliably.

What I don’t understand is why the following workaround isn’t supported:

  1. player disconnects
  2. remaining player saves game
  3. restore game
  4. currently, the player who disconnected in #1 is replaced with an AI and can’t rejoin
    If the disconnected player could simply rejoin in step 4, I’d be fine with disconnects (I’m a network programmer myself and understand network stuff is really tricky and there will always be some issues that can’t be avoided).

Before tackling the difficult problem of network stability, it’d be nice if a hotfix could go out to allow the disconnected player to rejoin in step 4. We don’t mind getting disconnected as long as we don’t have to start an entirely new game from scratch.


so ive purchased Aoe2 DE on steam and i was able to play just fine when it came out, but i believe after the update i can play a match for a little bit but after a few minutes it freezes for a few seconds and then the game just closes, No error nothing. I didnt see anything about this in known issues, any idea whats going on?
Ive only gotten the match disconnection once, Every other time a few minutes after starting a game, Online or singleplayer, my game just freezes then closes without any error.’

they should just re-add the per to per connection option for when the servers aren’t doing well, it’s extremely frustrating to try to play games with friends just for the server to disconnect the players for no reason (and not letting us save nor anything, the old system from the original game was so much better, it had a good tolerance time for people to reconnect and worst case scenario we could just save the game to restore it later, now there’s no tolerance time and we can’t save the game to restore it later, that’s a super downgrade from the system we already had, it’s safe to say that currently the old AoE2 is WAY better when it comes to multiplayer)

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Are you guys on windows 7 or 10? I´m using 7 and having the same problem, 5 minutes into a multiplayer game and then get disconnected.

I’m on the latest patch from the MS store and am getting disconnections from all multiplayer games in both AOE:DE and AOE2:DE. Afterni get disconnected I get a bug where it can’t connect to multiplayer services and alot of times finding any lobby requires multiple refreshes. My friend is having the exact same problem. Windows and all my drivers are all up to date.