Game crashes randomly (thanks for the ranked loss btw)

Incredible… How can Microsoft manage to ruin a game that was already perfect. I’ve never seen crashes like this since AoE 1… Not even with non-official patches (Voobly, etc).

I have 24GB RAM, XEON W3680 (Hexa-core), GTX 1060, SSD. Never had problems with other games crashing. Like we all know already, it started with the last patch.

You should reset or give all the players an option to reset their ranks… Or, at least, let all affected users to complain about a specific match that crashed (like Voobly allows), because such situation are not our fault…

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You can find some tips to deal with crashes on this topic

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Mate, I have noticed that you are around all crash posts in here. You obviously have some relation to Microsoft.

I’m a programmer (not saying that I know everything, but I know what to do or try with my system).
The point is not try to tweak/fix such crashes, just that, BEFORE the last patch everything was fine.
So there’s a clear cause/relation.

And for the staff info, I was using Win 7 until few days ago, and game crashed there as well (Win 10). So the OS doesn’t affect anything in this crashes (a clean OS btw)…

Well, if you’re not willing to get any help from other users just say it beforehand, so I, nor anyone else, won’t waste any time.

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Did I ask for anyone’s help in my main topic?

It was a clear statement. And Microsoft should act accordingly to fix the recurrent problem of their product.


MOST PEOPLE have crashes , after patching it I get those much less BUT I still have crashes !!! Even in 1v1 on very small map, and it is not my internet !!! THAT GUYS IS absolutely right.

NO EXCUSES for the devs now ! The game is not 5 days old anymore.


Hello brother,

Don’t be hard on @dededoritos he is just trying to help and certainly does not have any relation with MS.

I have published a post a week ago on how to deal with all kind of crashes on DE

I thought the problem was fixed but I started crashing again… At least not every game.

But anyways I think I have figured out a real workaround to this crash.

Just looking at your task manager I see (1% cpu usage meaning you got an SSD which is good) but most importantly you have Nvidia Geforce GT or GTX and possibly a monitor is plugged into your laptop or desktop pc?

I also got Nvidia Geforce GT 630 & my laptop is connected to a monitor Asus VG248QE. Coming to my workaround.

I disabled all “NVIDIA High Definition Audio” as shown below

Then uninstalled my monitor driver for Asus VG248QE so for now i’m only utilizing just the generic one (Uninstall only if the factory website does not have windows 10 drivers):

disable monitor driver

Yesterday I played 4 long games and I did not crash at all. (I played without a grid mod so you might as well do the same)

And btw you are right the game is still broken and needs more attention especially MP.

Let me know how this works out for you.

Have a nice day

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There is this long known issue of performance instability on setups with additional monitors. The recommended workaround is the following:

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Hello! We will need some additional information to help you with your issue!

Before we begin: if you have not already, please try to work through the troubleshooting steps here to see if any of them address the problem:

If none of those steps work, please try to include the following information as a follow-up:

  • Explain the problem. Provide as many details as possible! Where did it happen? When did it happen? What circumstances may have led to the problem?
  • Any Error Message(s) you receive.
  • Provide reproduction steps. A numbered list of steps describing how and when you encountered the issue will help us track it down in our internal environments.
  • Include an image. A good picture is worth a thousand words; a video or gif clearly highlighting the problem is even better!

In addition to these, the most helpful information you can provide are any error logs related to the crash, which should be located in one of these folders:

  • C:\Users<WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Local\age2_x1\logs
  • …\Users\UserName\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs
  • In the Windows Event Viewer

Thank you!

How come do you want a log since it was not generated since the app crashed…? Only when the game is closed correctly there’s a log. I’ve verified the folders.

I just purchased the game and it crashes pretty much every match I play. I believe you need to change your coding because the game seems to be unable to read or understand the command you want it to do. I do coding for a living and if I can change the code in Skyrim Special Edition to make it run better then you should be able to change the code for age of empires 2 definitive edition. This is an old game and it should run easily on a 2019 gaming PC without any glitches or crashes.