Game crashing to desktop-No error message

So I played the william wallace campaign all the way through, no issues. Now I’ve tried to start barbarossa. PLayed for a few hours, and then the game started crashing. No error message. Just goes to desktop.

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My game also just crashed to desktop without anything telling me.
Never had this issue in the beta or in the games I played before.
I was playing a 3v3 Matchmaking

They have to do something or i will ask for refund until the fix all problems.

no problems playing the AOE DE version but I haven’t managed to get through the first campaign without a CTD…3 times and 3 crashes…
Nothing in the event logs either to indicate what could have gone wrong.

mine crashed with no message in matchmaking 1v1 and 4v4 after more than 30 min into the game…

Here’s a topic with some workarounds for crashes and other performance issues. See if they are of any help.