Game does not launch on lower resolutions

tl;dr: Game does not launch if resolution is lower than 1024x720, please remove this limitation and increase range of available zooming.

Performance is currently not so great for me and I’m sure it could be if I could change resolution and zoom freely.

I play on notebook, it’s native resolution is 1366x768. I would like to choose a lower resolution, it offers me for example 1024x576.
Reading other threads about zoom I realise that to have proper zoom (to be able to zoom out the furthest) I need my desktop resolution and my game resolution to be the same, but if I set my computer resolution to 1024x576, when I try to launch the game I get a prompt “Screen Resolution must be at least 1024 x 720”.

That doesn’t really make sense right? I mean I can select 1024x576 as resolution in-game and it works fine, performance is good, BUT, since I can’t launch the game using the same resolution on my desktop, the game is very zoomed-in and there is nothing I can do about it. So can you guys unlock this 1024x720 computer resolution to launch the game?

I thought Zoom and Resolution were decoupled from each other like in AoE3 and the Zoom limitations were arbitrary, is that correct?
Like, in AoE3 there were mods that allowed us to zoom out way further than the furthest zoom allowed by un-modded game settings, without changing resolution. So, can you guys allow a bigger range of zoom setting as well?

My hardware is i7-6500U, 8GB RAM DDR4, Intel HD Graphics 520. I realise it’s a low-end machine and the absence of a discrete GPU particularly means it’s not a gaming device, but it’s what I have and the original AoE2 and the userpatch version work perfectly.

Thank you!

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