Game drops in lobby; my ban keeps extending

When I am searching for a game, I get an error and it counts it as a drop and I end up getting a ban. I’m currently at a 4 hour ban because it has happened 4 or 5 times.

-I have a good connection. I don’t drop in-game. I only drop in the queue. The timer stops, I get an error, and then when I try to queue up again, I have a ban that keeps compounding.
-The ban only happens to me and not the teammates I was queueing with.
-I have windows 11.
-This only happens with the recent patch.

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Lol. I have the same problem and have 4+ hours ban problem.

Hello everyone!

Could you try to get some Logs with the Enhanced Logging Build and share those files with us?

Also can you send to us a picture with the error message you are getting?

I guess you already tried to verify your files in Steam right? Also adding the game to the antivirus whitelist could help for multiplayer issues

If you get those files let me know please ^-^

Yeah. I verified my files and reinstalled the game.

I’ll let you know when I get the error again.

I just installed the beta as well.

Hi. There is no error message or something. Game sent me back to main menu. I verified game files but now i have 1 hour queue ban :slight_smile:

Thanks for this extra info @TestedSlinky13 !

If you can share with us your Enhanced Logging Build we can investigate this issue


Hi @FunBobcat665826 and @TestedSlinky13 !

Can you share with us your Enhanced Logs in order to investigate this issue?


The error is back. I keep getting “failed to join match” and then I get a ban for queue dodging even though I did not ALT F4 or anything.