Game Freezes/Dropped Connection at Random Intervals During multiplayer Play

I have been unable to play since the update on the 20th. Unfortunately the hotfix yesterday did not resolve my issue. The gameplay stops at random times, all menu options are still usable but gameplay never resumes. IF i hit pause and wait a small white letter text will appear saying Lost connection to server, Attempting reconnection. If i resign quick once it freezes like that, i cant see any lobbys at all on search as it is just stuck on Searching for like 2mins.

After the update i started to receive a error in my logs, i am not sure if it corresponds to my issues or if its just a coincidence.
Setting up comm handler
[rlink - error] 2020/07/29 06:48:49.072 (UTC) PEM_read_bio_X509 failed…
The cacert.pem is in the certificates folder and Globalsign Root CA is in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities. I was not having these issues before that update. If anyone in the community or @GMEvangelos or any devs could help it be much appreciated. Here are the links to my original post with more details as long with logs

This might be a long shot but what version of windows 10 are you running on when you had the error? You can find that by typing “winver” intot the windows terminal/command prompt.