Game Imbalance because of lack of Wood in Late Game

This is a game balance issue, not a bug.
Still, I hope the developers take a look at it and address it.

I usually play 3v3 skirmish with hard AI.
Such games can easily last more than an hour.

After one hour there are almost no trees left around the map.

That creates game imbalance where European nations can still produce a great deal of wood via two factories, yet natives and Asian nations have no way to produce wood.

Wood is crucial in order to train cannons, therefore long games give European nations unfair advantage.

My suggestion is to increase the amount of wood for each tree from 300 to 600.
That would solve the problem.

I always wondered why there is no infinite wood source in late game. I mean there is infinite coin and food, why not wood?
Why is there no estate like building that has infinite wood but lower collection rate than trees?

u have factories for wood

China has factories, japan shrines and India infinite crates. The problem is for Haud. , lakota, and aztecs. This civs are died without wood in late-game.

I personally don’t see a need for this actually.
But thats because my games don’t last as long I suppose.
Personally there is little need for wood in any late game once all upgrades are done, except for potentially more cannons?

I agree with @Ekdal1378, the problem is for War Chiefs civilizations. They should have the same Inca ritual in their community plazas

For India there is a mango grove card, if you can send 2 of them on Industrial and resend them again on imperial there is a potential of 30k wood and the only wood India use in late game only for Mahout and Siege Elephant.

For the native the problem isn’t that big for Inca that got moon ceremony and Lakota as Wakina, AR, RR are not using wood, the only wood lakota would use for late game are only for imperial upgrade and to some extend club warrior. But the problem is bigger when playing Hauds and Aztec as their crucial unit are costing wood, the Tomahawk for Hauds and Coyote for Aztec.

It doesn’t make sense to have a game where Food and Gold are infinite yet you can run out of wood within one hour of game play.

IMO, that is a design problem, especially when it interferes with the game balance in late game.

There is no issue when playing 1v1 or 2v2, but when I play 3v3 or 4v4, games can last even 90 minutes, and all the wood in the map is long gone by then.

In addition to that, when wood is running out, the AI is sending its villagers to the middle of the map and even to my base, where they just get killed easily by my units.

That makes the AI looks more stupid.

The best way to resolve this issue is to increase the amount of wood per tree.

One way to solve this would be to send a special infinite wood grove with the Age V upgrade (only for TWC civs)

This does affect azzys since their main Cav. unit costs food and wood, and there is no alternative there (Yuo really dont want to use eagle knights vs skirms).

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increasing wood for trees would help, but it would also be good to allow plantations to harvest lumber. original devs decided not to since they couldn’t find a good excuse for it, but I think game balance trumps realism in this case. Ask Sandy archive | Remember Ensemble Studios

also, units shouldn’t cost wood at all. better to convert most unit wood costs to gold/food. wood is more like stone from age 2, its a slow gathering foundational resource that should be reserved for buildings and techs. natives having a wood cost instead of pure food is a major reason they aren’t used as often as they should in 1v1 supremacy games as well.

Give the natives a ceremony that generates wood perhaps?

The simplest solution is to increase the amount of wood per tree from 300 to 600.