Game is a desaster, admit it please

This is just for you, comments from viewers, streamers, Reddit users, Youtubers show feedback.
In a month we will find out everything.

Do you think this game Is a disater?

Not for me. I liked playing in the closed beta, I liked participating in the stress test, it was also exciting to follow the streamer games and the “custom tournament”, the game is definitely very interesting to play, it looks sane for RTS, I like it.
The only thing that seems to me to be a serious obstacle to the sales of the game is the price, for some it may seem high, many people abandoned the new Battlefield because of the price, but this contributed to an increase in subscriptions to services.

I hope that the game has an incentive to competition, that players are separated by levels (bronze, silver, gold etc). That’s what encourages people to keep playing for several months.


One of the reasons the game is so pirated.

The guy literally said your opinion is valid, but he likes the game, so maybe it’s just not for you.

And you reply saying he is a fanatic? Take it easy.

  • Oh, I like this AoE4 game…
  • Shut up fanatic! you destroyed my beloved franchise by liking a game that didn’t meet my expectations! Also your opinion is not valid because this game is objectively a disaster!

Come on… I dare to say that sounds a little… fanatic.

It’s impossible for a single game to please everyone.

The “core actual players” are divided between at least 4 completely different games (AoE2, 3, AoM, AoEO), most of them expecting AoE4 to mirror what they like in their own favorite game.

I see AoE2 players complaining AoE4 is a copy of AoE3 and vice versa. Players complaining about the lack of asymmetry, others complaining about too much unnecessary asymmetry. And so on…

Those are your “core players”. How on Earth is AoE4 going to please all these people?

I’m a long time fan of the franchise. I’ve been paying it for almost 20 years. I don’t know if that qualifies me tô get a “core AoE player” membership card, but the fact is I like AoE4 so far. Maybe that will change with time, maybe not. Who knows?

I respect your opinion of disliking the game. You should try to respect the ones that disagree as well.


Well, it’s more dead that it was 4 months ago , i don’t see any graphics topics go live again in this forum

I don’t think it’s a bad piece, but it needs polishing.
Over time, more tweaks and mods will make this game even better. The city wall system, for example, does a great job of attracting casual players
This is a new game that doesn’t need so many old players from the age of empires series.

No, we are discussing It Just now.

That’s not OK either.

So? both aoe2 and aoe3 were finished games on their release date, with very little bugs and rock solid design and graphics for their time. Fact is that for the little support they got, both were live and kicking hard enough to get a DE 20 years later. These were very different from what they are trying to sell now: half finished game with many bugs, very bad graphics for 2020 and missing features.


I like the graphics. It is pleasant to look at .
I wouldn’t say many bugs either since the game actually wasn’t released yet and is subject of additional work.
I really long for the release and will gladly pay up.
You may think otherwise and that’s fine, but I really shouldn’t care for your opinion when deciding what it’s worth to me.


Apparently I have no likes left to give, but this exactly what I have observed.

On the one hand, this is about the greatest post on the forum today because it cuts to the heart of what is going on right now in the greater AoE community regarding AoE4. Thank you for it, and I think everyone should read it again.

We all need to be a little zen around here and accept that we are debating a subjective topic and we are never going to reach a majority on almost anything.

On the other hand, though, it is tempting to sorta handwave away dissidents, shrug, and walk away saying there are five separate AoE communities with varying expectations, there’s no pleasing anyone, so why even try.

As someone who isn’t pleased with AoE4, much of my displeasure actually stems from what I perceive to be precisely that approach in developing AoE4. I perceive a serious lack of insight to the entire franchise. I firmly believe that if someone had a firm grasp on how all five AoE games were designed, AoE4 would be doing a far better job of connecting all of us. In other words, had the people who made all five other games made AoE4, then AoE4 would feel radically different than what we are playing.

I completely reject the trend of holding up AoE2 as some proxy for every feature and detail of the Age series. Anyone who has played Age of Mythology, Age of Empires 3, or Age of Empires Online is well aware of the huge number of features and mechanics in those games that have been ignored or discarded in AoE4.

So yes, there is no pleasing everyone. But that’s a meaningless platitude and does not prove that AoE4 is as good as it should be. It is not.

The moment someone at World’s Edge or Relic gives up on trying to please all of us who don’t immediately want to play AoE4, all is lost. Even if my complaints will never be fully addressed in AoE4, there will be another game.


I blame Microsoft :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoa whoa whoa, ease off on that fanaticism :roll_eyes:

AndyPXIII has a 100% level headed approach to constructively criticizing the game. If you still have hope for the game, OP, constructive criticism is the way (and seriously now: all your points are indeed valid). But my point is: just be aware many people are going to disagree, that’s how society is :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, I don’t preorder ever, but is there a source for this claim?

Best comment I have read in a while, you describe it perfectly. But they could have asked forgotten empires for help or criticism… they did perfectly in DE versions, I am completely sure they would address all of our concerns and wishes and implement them on the game, they pretty much know AoE from botton to top, you can see it reflected in every DE. Hope Relic ask them to join the development of the game and change the release date to have the game we all want. It must be a hit, we can not lose this chance to reborn the RTS games.

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Im far too into AoEO to play what FE has been developing recently, but I try to follow and keep up with it, particularly their new AoE3 civs. From my vantage, FE seems to be doing an absolutely phenomenal job with expanding the franchise in new directions that also feel authentic and part of the Age world. I wish those people and their games the very best.

I believe that they are almost exclusively Age players who then grew into their roles as developers. In this way, it seems like they are drawing on years of experience as players and that huge bed of franchise knowledge informs their decisions as developers. I’d love to hear from them more about this, but I am just a huge fan of what I have seen and heard.


Most of all, FE doesn’t feel like outsiders when developing new content for the franchise, at least for me. Relic in the other hand, seems like dealing with other people business, it’s not ‘‘playing home’’ (i’m using football/soccer slang here)


The game has 3 main problems that can be fixed BEFORE it goes on sale.

  • Game interface (lack of readability, global queue…).
  • Hitbox.
  • Hotkeys customization.

Then there are secondary problems like path (although I see that at least they are better than DE).

Those who talk about Triple A graphics still do not realize that the game should be accessible for most PCs

The reality is, if they manage to fix those 3 problems before launch, the game will be outstanding. There’s no more.


Did you know we have been calling out all those problems from 1 year ago since we saw the first versions of the game interface and so on right? That is the main reason we already know 1 month will not make the difference, they will just not change that.