Game needs 2 units or maybe 1

I think game needs a skirmisher and a maceman.

Skirmisher will be anti ranged unit and it will have low normal attack so it will be bad against anything but ranged units also when upgraded it damage wont go up instead its bonus damage will be increased.

Maceman could be like musafadi warriors anti heavy infantry and weak against archers.It can be same with skirmisher like when upgraded only his bonus damage goes up.

Both of these unit must be available from second age for all civs.(I want those because i think horseman dont counter longbowmans at the early stages of the game and when you make man at arms before your enemy goes to age 3 nothing stops them beacuse they have no counter specially if your oppenent is hre and goes for the burgrave and succeeds)


i disagree thier alredy are units like that and they are uniqe to others civs wich makes the civ uniqe. and as it turns out a Skirmish unit is actualy not that great in this game after age 2 with larger armys.


it will not be same as the malians their javalins will still be unique i want trash skirmisher just to answer early agression which cannot countered now

not to sure about the maceman.
because bearspray wasn’t invented in this era i think.

However I do miss the AOE2 Skirmisher units very much as they were my favourite ones.

I am glad aoe4 got rid of the badly designed garbage skirmisher and company units. A unit that does meh damage even against what it is supposed to counter and 0 damage against the rest. No thank you. Besides as other people said there are already Javelin throwers, landsknechts that counter archers and heavy infantry respectively while not being units that do 0 damage.

Nobody wants to counter Archers/Horses by taking little damage from them we want to counter them by killing them.

So every time you have an issue you ask the devs to give you a magical solution that tolerates your bad plays/mistakes rather than figuring out what you are doing wrong/how to improve?

“Oh I am having a hard time dealing with French Knights. Devs can we have a unit that is produced from the town center, costs very little and takes only 2 seconds to produces and counters cavalry?”. “Can we also have another unit that makes English feudal aggression useless since I am having trouble dealing with English longbows” " Can we remove men at arms ranged armor to make them like Aoe2 champions making it a useless unit and wreck them with archers?“, " Can we have a dark age counter to men at arms? English are annoying with their Dark Age MAA” and so on…

im thinking about how to improve or where did i wrong but sometimes there is nothing you can do and example you give is too stupid:

they already have counter spearman and its very effective against them but with french and other civs i dont support unit producing landmarks because when you build barracks to make spears french can build archery range so with same resource they counter your counter i think thats need to go

lets come to this longbow agression is too strong because it has no counter even if i made horseman in that time for my 1 horseman enemy makes 3 archers im not talking about the resource and time to build the stable while english palyer could make 1 barracks and put 1 or 2 spearman in to those archer mass you cant do anything they just got the map control easy like that

early man at arms definetly need a lower meele armor not ranged armor they are so hard to kill why do you think pros make man at arm rush

dark age can stay but in feudal it definetly need a counter specially if civ like hre tries to do fast burgrave and succeeds its over you cant do anything nothing kills them even if you manage to age up same time with them you need lots of archery ranges to compite with it because its the equal of 5 barracks.

And lastly i won and lose against those kind of things and other than those civs i never had a problem those unit producing landmarks need to go or they must find a way to balance it,a early ranged archer counter is a must too

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You didn’t even recognize sarcasm and called it examples… One shouldn’t request introducing units to fix l2p issues.

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