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-------------------------------- :book: Rules :book:

:white_small_square: No allied victory
:white_small_square: To win this game you need to hold 7 Relics :Relic: for 10 minutes in a monastery
:white_small_square: Every player starts with 2 Relics :Relic: in front of his monastery, in the main Castle area
:white_small_square: At the beginning a third Relic will be given randomly to one player

:small_orange_diamond: Up to 7 Relics can spawn in random spots at the start
:small_orange_diamond: Up to 3 Relics will spawn after 30 minutes and every 20 minutes in Kings Landing
:small_orange_diamond: You can buy Relics at East/West corners of the map bringing your Lord and 15.000 gold
:small_orange_diamond:You can capture other players relics by invasion

:red_circle::skull_crossbones: Units Limit :skull_crossbones::red_circle:

:small_orange_diamond:20 Villager Limit
:small_orange_diamond:10 Fishing ship Limit
:small_orange_diamond:10 Trade Cart Limit
:small_orange_diamond:10 Trade Cog Limit
:small_orange_diamond:3 Onager Limit
:small_orange_diamond:7 Scorpion Limit
For example: If you have 21 villagers, all of them will lose HP until they all die. Therefore you must delete 1 villager.


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Winter has come :cold_face:
The Night King has destroyed the Wall and the Horrors of Death advance upon Westeros
White Walkers will convert Castles, Wights will infect the world.
Kill the Night King and END THE LONG NIGHT

After 10 minutes the Night King (Computer) will destroy the wall and take control of the North

He has 4 upgrade levels with custom technologies

  • LEVEL 1 - More Wights - Garland Wars - Yasama
  • LEVEL 2 Giants - Stirrups - Siege Engineers
  • LEVEL 3 Ice Spiders - Stronghols - Torsion Engines
  • LEVEL 4 Increased Wight/Giant/Archer Hit Points

Destroy the Night Kings Towers/Castles to weaken him/ stop spawns

Destroy Torrens Square to stop Frozen Warship/Kraken Spawn

Destroy White Harbor to stop Undead Knights Spawn

Destroy Castle Black to Stop the Undead Nights Watch Spawn

Destroy the Dreadfort to stop the Undead Crossbow Spawn

Kill the Night King and win the game!

The Night King will advance upon Westeros! You need to defend with Towers/Walls/Units!
If he takes control of a Castle Area he will start spawning units from it!


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Bend the knee to the One True Queen - Daenerys Targaryen

After 10 minutes Daenerys Targaryen (Computer) will land in Westeros and attempt to collect 7 Relics

She has 3 upgrade levels with custom technologies

  • Level 1 - Mother’s Men - Led by Mercelen, Volanteen Galleons
    Technologies - Yasama - Great Wall - Heated Shot

  • Level 2 - Brazen Beasts - Led by The Shavepate, Volanteen Fire Ships
    Technologies - Carrack - Recurve Bow

  • Level 3 - DRAGONS - Rhoynish Turtle Ships - Targaryen Loyalists
    Technologies - Stronghols - Eupseong

Destroy the Dragon’s Nest (Fortified Tower) to stop the Dragons
Kill Daenerys Generals inside King’s Landing to stop the Spawns
Queensguard - Barriston Selmy
Dothraki - Khal Pono
Unsullied - Grey Worm
Mother’s Men - Mercelen
Brazen Beast’s - The Shavepate

If Daenerys Targaryen collects 7 relics she will begin the countdown and win the game
Kill her in Dragonstone to win the game before she collects 7 relics!


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