Game slows down everything

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: Latest (hotfix 24632)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Since the lastest hotfix Iam experiencing a frequent fps drop from 60! to even 3!. It never happened before, it happens in single and multiplayer (while doing US challenge and campaigns). Additionally, it slows down the whole computer as Iam using 2 monitors and cannot even Alt Tab or set anything on for example Youtube. Everything goes back to normal few seconds when I `quit the game. It does not happen with any other game.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play the game

Sounds quite clearly like your computer is running out of memory (RAM). To verify this, open the Task Manager while experiencing an FPS drop.

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You could be right, the Task Managers shows sudden usage of memory from 30% (idle) to 90% when starting the game to 95+% when starting a map. Whet the hell happened here. Its only when playing AoE 3. It never happened before. Could use some help resolving it or should I wait for some kind of fix.


What are the brand and specifications of your CPU?, this game has known performance issues with AMD Ryzen CPUs related to their multicore operations, that could be the reason behind the FPS drop.

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Everything was working fine till some updates.

This is getting ridiculous, because of the memory shortage the game just goes back to desktop and that’s even during campaign!!

Issue is still there! Anyone know a solution or if possible fix will be deployed?

Well, the real solution is buying more RAM. It should be relatively cheap these days.

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What GPU are you using lol. Please list specs for technical issues :man_facepalming:

Anyway turn down the lush setting or whatever the eye-candy bush thing is called

It was too much for my 4GB GTX 1650 Super, but that 2GB extra on my now 1660 Super worked great

Thank You for the tip but this is out of the question because:

  1. It did not happen before the latest hot fix.
  2. It only happen while playing 1! game.

Ram is not the problem, the game is. I bought something that was working perfectly with 60 fps but through some changes it does not anymore.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB / 8 GB Ram but as as I said in the post above “Ram is not the problem, the game is. I bought something that was working perfectly with 60 fps but through some changes it does not anymore.” And i happens only in this game after latest hotfix meanwhile I can play everything else no problem.

Hey, just made an account here to reply to this thread. Did you figure out any fixes? I am having the exact same issue. I ended up just quitting the game for awhile, but just played a few games to finish the U.S. challenge and it was such a struggle. It would lag every few minutes in every game no matter what was happening. The game used to run flawlessly up until an update from a few months ago, like you described. Any fixes??

Its a RAM problem in my opinion. 8GB is the bare minimum these days for most intensive games. 16GB is the standard now. You could use intelligent stanby list cleaner to free up RAM whilst playing, might help. There are a ton of videos on youtube to help you set it up. It certainly helped me when I was using 8GB. This game does degrade heavily over time whilst playing so the fps you get at the start isnt a good indication of your performance. You still need to restart after every match otherwise you get stutter even on high end PCs, so its even worse on lower end.


That’s so weird though. I have 16gb of ram and the game ran flawlessly for months, only to start the issue a few months ago. Plus, it can happen the first second in a game, or the last second in a game - it isn’t dependent on how long the game has been played or how long it’s gone on for. I will check out the intelligent standby list cleaner, so thanks for the rec, but I think there was something else that changed in one of those updates. It’s crazy, I can lag with the starting few villagers and then be 100% fine in a battle with maxed out pop sizes, multiple players, etc., just happens randomly every few minutes or so.

If you got 16GB, then stand by list prob wont do much unfortunately.

I noticed lag spikes during Age up and when clicking Homecity ( A lot better since there is the new mini Deck selection, barely any lag anymore since i use that). Also restarting the game after every game helps, especially treaty/DM/ Large Teamgames. for 1v1 you can probably queue just fine for a whole day

Having 16GB of ram and having 16GB of ram are huge differences.
Is it DDR3 Ram?
Is it really slow one ?
If you have RAM that runs at 2133MHZ and is DDR3 well, enjoy the bottleneck.
A PC is not just throwing parts together, they need to fit. otherwise, its useless xD
Like you cant buy a RTX3080 and use a CPU that is from 2017…
Also if you check the minimum specs, you should see that you need atleast 2GB Vram. Yeah u ahve a 3GB card, so its already getting at its limits, if you play in 1080P

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This still happens to me.

16gb RAM
I5 9400F

I have to restart my game after every match since if I don’t, the game can get as bad as to hang for a good 3 seconds.

Incorrect, I have 16gb of ram and a 1660 with 6gb VRAM. It happens to me. The problem is apparently that it’s a RAM Leak.

So… which part is incorrect? Sounds like you are agreeing with me that the solution is buying more RAM :thinking: