Game Speed = Archaic

“Normal” game speed is ridiculously slow to me and it seems like normal should be real-life pace; not half-speed when compared to real life. Fast is more accurate to real life and I can only play on that setting–playing on normal is like running in glue. I know it’s what the pro community is used to BUT if they want this game to appeal to new users, it has to be sped up. At a minimum, I want fast speed as an option for ranked games like Steam had for AoEII HD.

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I saw slow-speed black forest game in spectatable games one day. Different preferences :smiley:


You do realise that normal is not half the speed of real life but it is 1.7 times faster?
And I don’t think 2.0 (= fast) should be standard. Especially not for beginners. They have a hard time keeping up with the veterans anyway and they will suffer even more with that fast game speed.


That may sound true on paper but it’s absolutely inaccurate. You’ve been institutionalized to think that way in your AoE mind. lol
And it’s called an “option” for a reason…not to be forced on anyone. You can play in slow-mo if u want, idc. When ppl ask me to play on normal, I decline. They can leave if they like it. I can’t play at that speed. Training wheels are great when you’re learning to ride a bike but they are supposed to eventually come off.

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Also, when you can queue units & techs, there’s no reason why a player can’t keep up with the increased speed. Allow the game to modernize already.

I mean, everyone can play this game like he wants. You can play it on fast, others on slow, the rest on casual and normal. It doesn’t matter as long as you have fun. The two points I wanted to make are the following:

  1. Back then, the devs decided how fast the game will be in real life time. 1.0 is really slow, yes. That’s why 1.7 is seen as normal now. You can see that as slow, as fast or as normal as you want. But this is, by definition, still 1.7x faster than real life.

  2. If you play this game at least halfway competetively, you have enough stuff to do all the time, that normal (1.7) is fast enough. There is lot’s of multitasking and desicion making going on and if you can manage to do everything of that on “fast”, then congratulations, you are a very good player. Most people can’t do that and for them “fast” would be too fast. That’s why beginners really shouldn’t play on a higher game speed. At least in my opinion.


It’s just outdated thinking, that’s all. Henry Ford said he didn’t ask the people what they wanted because they would’ve said faster horses. Instead, he gave them a car. Our community is just used to slow speeds. In this instance, I’d settle for faster horses. lol
And if the lobby was actually working and u could get games, I wouldn’t even care that the ranked RM games didn’t offer fast speed as much. The lobby is bugged and/or dead.

Maybe you are right, but in my experience (20 years) changing the game speed from normal to fast changes the gameplay to a more boomy game (everybody just makes eco, rushes are not longer so effective). I guess if something like this is gonna happen will be with aoe IV. Only fast speed ranked game should be DM (as they play it like this)

1.7 speed has been the standard for online competiive play for 20 years. Makes no sense to change it now.

1.5 speed is the standard for HD (AoE2 2013) players. Hence why it’s “casual”.

2.0 makes micro more difficult and has never been used for competitive RM play. This isn’t Starcraft.

2.0 is for DM.


So if 1.7 is “training wheels” then how come the best players in the world would absolutely thrash you on 2.0 speed but they all play at 1.7 because it’s NOT for noobs?

On the contrary .,… it’s always been the noobs who play at 2.0 for RM. And I’m speaking as somebody who has played online on ALL AoE2 multiplayer platforms since 2001.


2.0 makes microing harder. 1.7 is not just what our competitive community is used to but there’s A REASON why competive games have always been played at that speed. And THERE’S A REASON why it’s always been the noobs who played at 2.0 for RM. Like I said, this isn’t Starcraft.

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Part of the problem is that you’re institutionalized to think that. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s skill level… it’s what u like and what ur used to. Unit and tech queuing should allow for faster game speed and the ability to focus on other things than minutia. Problem is, many of u like the minutia and you’ve built ur reputation around it. Ur forgetting, starcraft is also 20+ years old. And it’s ok if u like the speed… there should just be a competitive option for faster. I don’t mind losing to a better player on faster speed. Makes me want to get better, faster… not go slower. I don’t like all the minutia of micromanagement anyway and i thought that’s what future versions were trying to mitigate; hence, auto-reseeding, queuing, etc.

I don’t like all the minutia of micromanagement anyway and i thought that’s what future versions were trying to mitigate

What exactly are you doing here then? Allowing for small QoL features doesn’t mean that we want to reinvent the entire way the game plays.

It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s skill level…

Umm okay then, would you mind showing us how easy it is to get a good early game then, maybe in a video, I am very interested in learning. I myself struggle to do no mistakes at normal speed.

All you have done this entire thread is say:

you’re institutionalized
You’ve been institutionalized to think that way in your AoE mind

Is it possible to play on another speed? Certainly.
Is it what most people playing AoE define as the “core experience”? Definitely not.
For good reason: This game is at its core a more micromanagement intense game than many of its genre. If you don’t like that, there are other RTS games out there.

There is one default speed that is used by nearly everyone: Normal.
Ranked Queues should cater to the mass and not to every single person, with the smallest differing preference. If you don’t wanna play the game how everyone else plays it, ELO doen’t really matter to you either does it?

Maybe stop trying to force your narrative of why we like/think certain things on us by the way, makes you seem very narrow-minded, even though you try to act as the open-minded one here.


Please sign us all up for the AoE2 Psych Ward.

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You’re right…we want 2 different games. U want to wipe your unit’s butts and micro all day because that’s how you’ve played it for 20 years and got a 2k+ rating and I want to keep all the things that make AoE great (civs, era, graphics…) and just improve and modernize it so I can focus on the overall and not the minutia. You’re right in that I don’t care as much about ELO; I’m more in it for the overall gameplay. And–as I said before–if the freaking lobbies worked correctly and u could get games, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue for me…but they aren’t working correctly. Even still, there should be an option to play competitively at fast speed and other options. It’s like saying Mike Tyson and Oscar de la Hoya aren’t both great boxers because they fight in different weight classes and that de la Hoya is better because u prefer his weight class. It’s not right or wrong…it’s just preference and I prefer when games allow for flexibility, not rope u into something needlessly. Case and point: we had the ability to play ranked games with fast speed for HD on Steam. Why take it away? I already heard the matchmaking argument but there’s enough people playing this game with many diff options not to have to worry about that.

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No offense, @ExponentAura769, but you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.


U want to wipe your unit’s butts and micro all day because that’s how you’ve played it for 20 years and got a 2k+ rating

You can’t even imagine how wrong you are with that guess. Maybe you’ve just been institutionalized to think everybody disagreeing with you is so much better than you.

I want to keep all the things that make AoE great (civs, era, graphics…)


L O L. Yes, I want to keep the game as it is, I L I K E playing AoE 2.
Also, you had the ability to play in a very unorthodox ranked system, whereas it was quiet easy to manipulate your ELO.

Since you greatly misunderstand the difference between improving something and simply changing it for the sake of change, I don’t see the point in talking to you anymore.


Who cares? I don’t care what your score is. I don’t really care about ELO either.

Vastly different concepts on what improvement constitutes.

You had me at “I don’t see the point in talking to you anymore” and you could’ve stopped there. :rofl:

Yeah screw all this “micro” stuff in this game. Villagers should be automatically queued in the TC. Your scout should automatically explore the map. Your villagers should automatically build houses when needed. In fact they should gather the resources you need automatically too. Then make military buildings where your army will be made for you. Then your army should attack the enemy, I don’t want to have to actually move them over there myself. My whole empire should just build itself because I only care about the “overall” rather than any of the details that got me here.

All I want to do is watch a pretty video in-game which I have no input to myself. And if you disagree then clearly you have been institutionalised to think differently.


Personally I prefer playing at a slower speed. I’d like to see speed options available so players can choose for themselves what speed they’d like to play at.