Game Speed UI control broken in-game

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34397.0 4546676
  • Steam


After starting a campaign game, the game speed control menu doesn’t work, the drop down arrow is missing. I can manually change game speed with +/- but the UI menu control of game speed is broken

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The bug is still present.

Some testing reveals:

1.) Skirmish & Multiplayer with “Lock Speed” off:

  • The drop-down menu can be opened;
  • Speed can be changed by hotkeys.

Conclusion: no bug

2.) Skirmish & Multiplayer with “Lock Speed” on:

  • Speed is locked to the one used by the host;
  • “Locked” is shown in the F11 speed display.

Conclusion: no bug, can be improved

3.) Normal campaigns:

  • The drop-down menu can’t be opened;
  • Speed can only be changed by hotkeys.

Conclusion: major bug

4.) William Wallace:

  • Speed is locked to 1.5
  • There is no indication of speed lock

Conclusion: no bug, can be improved

5.) Art of War:

  • Speed is locked to 1.7
  • The F11 speed display incorrectly shows “Fast - 1.7”

Conclusion: minor bug, should be “Normal - 1.7”

Here are my suggestions for improvement:

1.) First, fix the campaign drop down menu bug!

2.) For the sake of accessbility & UX, any UI that launches a (not mandatorily speed-locked) game should have a speed option - the Campaign select screen should have it, as do the Skirmish & Multiplayer host screens.

  • This properly informs players what speed they are launching the game with, and reminds them that they have control over it.
  • I’ve never seen any game do it, but it can be interesting if the load game UI also has a speed option.

3.) The William Wallace campaign shouldn’t have speed lock. I think each scenario can reset the speed to 1.5 at launch, but the player should be allowed to change speed afterwards.

4.) Lastly, ideally a speed-locked scenario should display the “Locked” indicator, shouldn’t it?