Is the bug reporting section abandoned?

Good call! :smiley:

Though I also have a sneaking suspicion that you are taking a fairly healthy, efficient, capable studio’s exceptionally good practice (very few 3A game devs maintain such open conversation with the community about bugs!), and asking why an exceptionally dysfunctional and underfunded publishing section can’t do the same.

Remember, Asobo did manage to turn the first Plague Tale, an original game, around from a troubled project into an award winner, and then quickly produce a well-regarded sequel.

Meanwhile, in this franchise:

In the most popular entry of AoE2DE, we have a most rudimentary feature like changing game speed being broken since release, we have major UX issues that were never responded to except through band-aid solutions like “putting humongous, art style-breaking exclamation marks above villager’s heads”;

In the wider franchise, we have bugs that are fixed three times, each time fixed wrong a different way (this describes at least three issues I know of), we have extremely visible bugs not being addressed, we have “wrong versions of” patches released then left alone for months…

I’m afraid this isn’t a place where you can expect things - not just the end results, the whole work processes - to not be broken.

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