Game text notifications disappeared

Game text notifications that appear in the top left and write stuff like --Villager Created --Sheep Found, --Farm Built etc… suddenly disappeared. I couldn’t find anything in the options to turn it back on. Also tried verifying game cache. Any1 know a solution?

Fixed and reseted it by finding the AdditionalOptions.aop file in steam/userdata and in c/users/etc/games/aoe2/profiles and deleting it from both of the locations.

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“Toggle extended tooltips” option sets this. There is a hotkey for it under “Game commands” which you probably accidentally pressed.

hotkey has no effect on it. extended tooltips aren’t connected with ingame text notifications for villager created or etc… i can press that hotkey multiple times nothing will change

As for extended tooltips, mine keep shutting off after patches and maybe other times… but I never hit the hotkey for it.

did it help you ? can i try that ?

Yes it helped. Deleted both of the files named AdditionalOptions.aop. Then launched the game, and then while the game is launched u have to delete them again since steam redownloads them. Then relaunched the game and options are reset but game notifications fixed

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