Game text notifications disappeared

Game text notifications that appear in the top left and write stuff like --Villager Created --Sheep Found, --Farm Built etc… suddenly disappeared. I couldn’t find anything in the options to turn it back on. Also tried verifying game cache. Any1 know a solution?

Fixed and reseted it by finding the AdditionalOptions.aop file in steam/userdata and in c/users/etc/games/aoe2/profiles and deleting it from both of the locations.

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“Toggle extended tooltips” option sets this. There is a hotkey for it under “Game commands” which you probably accidentally pressed.

hotkey has no effect on it. extended tooltips aren’t connected with ingame text notifications for villager created or etc… i can press that hotkey multiple times nothing will change

As for extended tooltips, mine keep shutting off after patches and maybe other times… but I never hit the hotkey for it.

did it help you ? can i try that ?

Yes it helped. Deleted both of the files named AdditionalOptions.aop. Then launched the game, and then while the game is launched u have to delete them again since steam redownloads them. Then relaunched the game and options are reset but game notifications fixed

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I found the c/users/etc AdditionalOptions.aop file, but where is the steam/userdata one? When I go into my steam/userdata folder, all I see is a bunch of number-named folders and none of the files are what I’m looking for.

It didn’t work for me! I deleted both of them, but nothing happened!

  1. launch game

  2. go to C:\Users\MyName\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\76561198020811780\profile, and delete additionaloptions.aop file

  3. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\your-steam-id-number\813780\remote, and delete additionaloptions.aop file from there too

  4. exit game then launch again

hopefully if this all works, your options/graphics settings will reset, but you will gain back the in-game notifications. Then all you have to do is set up your settings correctly and you are back to as it was before. Sometimes the steam cloud is tricky and keeps returning the buggy file back, but i think it should be ok if you do everything correctly.