Game uses wrong graphics card

I have 2 graphics card on my machine (an RTX 3070 and an RX570).
The 3070 is connected to PCI-e slot 1 and the RX570 is connected to PCI-e slot 3.
My monitors are connected to the RX570.
On my BIOS I have set display output priority to PCI slot 3.
In windows 10 graphics settings page (settings → display → graphics settings) I have manually selected the RX570 to be used for AoE 4.

when i run the game, the game is still rendered through the RTX 3070.

Can i get any help with this ? Thanks !
PS: all other games are running through the RX570, only AoE is being problematic.

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update to this, I’ve since upgraded to windows 11 where I can choose a specific graphics card from the settings. but the game still ignores that option.

Can you check in Task Manager which graphics card is used? It might be that the in-game screen just detects 3070 and displays that piece of text.

the task manager reports that the RX570 is used (GPU1)
but when i look at the performance tab, both graphics are engaged.

you can see the moment i close the game, the usage of both graphics dipped to 0%.

Is the game propperly displayed at your monitor via your RX570?
If that is the case, is there any reason you don’t want to use the RTX 3070 to display the content?

The game looks fine, and runs fine but I use the 3070 for work related stuff (model training in the background) and when the game runs, it heavily disrupts that.

I guess you need Relics to change this. AOE4 forces your pc to use the high permormance GPU

Thanks for the reply, lets hope Relic fixes this.

Hey all. I’ve logged this so the team can check it out. I recommend contacting support here with your DxDiag and warnings.log file.

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