Garrison defeated players buildings to gain ownership

following the advice of someone on reddit, i would like to introduce you to my MONGOL - FRENCH TC… defeated the enemy and then garrisoned their TC, gaining ownership of it

generates vils at 16sec, so works at the speed of a french TC

you can train french vils and build all their stuff as well, the french cav hp UT stacks on the mongol one, so you can get huge hp. Arb UT applies to mongol xbows (MA + ROF)


This reminds me of derpfestor so much. Just take over and control another civ that isn’t your starter.

Must be a bug? Would be funny seeing this in team games!

Hmm bug or not i love it… and that might just settle that whole “teammate left i cant control their stuff”” arguements

Oh no next team tournament one will simply resign and let the teammate use the combined strength of two civs!

Yeah I don’t really see this as being an exploit but more something fun to do. Especially for bigger games.

And more importantly for custom scenarios.

Could combine multiple civ bonuses…

Like I wonder if the rus CA range would work on the mangudai.

Or Chinese with HRE speed upgrade.

All just for fun. And if anything slightly rewarding if playing a team game and you beat one of the players and gain their tech to defeat the remainders even if this is a niche case.

StarCraft is like that. It’s awesome.and has always been a pet peeve of mine that aoe has zero mechanic to even slightly accommodate a player leaving

It is awesome and broken, because multiple unique techs stacking on each other can make an army composition impossible to kill. The dynamics that can be set off when the word goes around can get ugly, so I rather have them find a real solution instead of relying on an oversight.

Made a bug report:

Wait what?? Is that a thing?
I though this was a concept that still wasn’t in the game

Behold, the Franco-Mongol-Anglo-Prussian Kingdom!

Team mates it makes sense but the OP says you can do it with enemies.

C&C engineers🤫
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Just tested it and it actually works.
You can even age up using the oponent civs landmarks if you are using the vills from his tc. I really hope this is intended. I have seen so many ppl giving the idea to capture buildings and its actually in the game and nobody knew it