Gates Don't Close But Stay Open Even If Locked

DE Game Version:

  • Build (Multiplayer vs AI Only)
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store) Steam

Issue: We build gates. Sometimes the gates are built in an ‘open’ position and won’t close. Other times, the gates open to let friendly units through, then don’t close again. Locking/unlocking has no effect and a gate can be locked in the ‘open’ position. This doesn’t happen in all instances, but my group (4-5 players) typically builds 6 - 10 gates in a match (vs AI only) and we usually experience this 1 - 3 times per match. These open gates will sometime close later in the game after a friendly unit moves through the gate. Otherwise, we have to delete and rebuild these open gates or wall them off to prevent the AI from moving through our open gate. We do NOT have a friendly unit blocking the gate open!

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play some games versus the AI (most of our games have at least one HD AI) and see if it occurs.



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