Gatling guns need to be nerfed

There is no more feared unit in the game for me than the 3 gatling gun shipment of the USA. I have seen it completely DELETE my entire army quicker than any other unit, even heavy cannons or otto bombard cannons even (not sure about that, I never see them used) . The only thing that has any chance of countering them are TWO culverins. If you don’t have 2 culverins, your army is basically dead meat. One culverin, youre dead too. This unit is extremely cheap, doesn’t even cost gold, and is way better than 2 falconets. You cannot easily ship a counter to the 3 gatling guns shipment either. Please adjust the units power so that it doesn’t vastly exceed 2 falconets. And at least make calvary able to counter it. If I see USA hit age 3 and I don’t have 2 culverins, I know I’ve lost.


They really need a nerf. Ports cannot get a 3 OG shipment even though OGs are much weaker than Gatling Guns, but USA gets a 3 Gatling Gun shipment + a Coffee-Mill upgrade card that removes reload animation.

It is actually MUCH better than a Falconet. Gatling Guns are OP, by a large margin, as they even cut down Cavalry, which Falcs lose horribly to.

My suggestions would be to lower the 3 GG shipment to 2 GGs, and lower their HP by at least 30%, so they can maitain their high dmage values, but be MUCH easier to dispatch.


They could make the 3 Gatling gun a legion card, and it costs 250 wood and 250 food to send maybe.


Man, so much misinformation about Gatlings on the same topic :sweat_smile:

Firstly on the topic: I don’t know. Gatlings are similar to organ guns, so they also have that problem that 2 is too few and 3 is too much. I honestly don’t know what you supposed to do proper balance this card.

But now let me explain some misunderstands that you guys have about Gatlings:

Gatling guns do 30 damage per shot and 6 shots per volley. They only have negative multipliers. (x0,75 against buildings and 0.5x against cavalry). They have 24 range and 150 hp.

Heavy cannons do 200 damage splash damage and have a 3x multiplier against infantry (Doing 600 splash damage per shot). They have 28 range and 475 HP.

Great Bombards do 500 base damage. They multipliers 1.5x against ships, 0.5x against cavalry and 0.4x against other artillery’s. They have 28 range and 475 HP.

Heavy cannons and great bombards do much more damage, have much more HP and range than Gatlings. But gatlings are considerably weaker.

Gatling guns cost 100 wood and 250 gold. They do cost gold.

Falconets do a base damage of 100 per shot, do 300 damage against infantry and 200 against buildings and ships. They also have 26 range and 200 HP, so they outrange the Gatling and have more HP.

Gatlings do a base damage do 30 damage per shot and 6 shot per volley. They only have negative multipliers (0.75x against buidings and 0.5x against cavalry). They have 24 range and 150 HP, so they have less HP and range than the falconet

2 falconets are stronger against infantry than 3 gatlings.

In a direct confront, 2 falconets kill 2 Gatlings whiteout any of the falconets dying in the process thanks to the fact that falconets outranges Gatlings.

3 gatlings do kill 2 falconets but at least one of them will die due the lower range and the falconets getting the first volley. The second one may or may not go down depending on the players micro.

Cavalry counter it. A gatling gun only do 90 damage per volley on a cavalry unit, giving that the Gatling hits all the shots on the same unit. And cavalry units have 200+ hit point, so Gatling are not effective against cavalry.

Gatlings are literally Organ Guns with less damage, less range and cheaper.

Organ guns have 33 damage per shot and 6 shots per volley, 26 range and cost 100 wood and 300 coin.

Gatling guns have 30 damage per shot and shots per volley, 24 range and cost 100 wood and 250 coin.

Gatlings are not much better than Organ Guns, they are a Organ Guns that is slighter cheaper and have slighter less stats.

Falconets have 3x multiplier against infantry and Gatlings don’t. Falconetes have 200 hp against the 150 from Gatlings and have 26 range and 24 from Gatlings. 3 Gatlings are stronger than 2 falconets, but a single falconet is considerably stronger than a single Gatling.

Also falconets do more damage to cavalry than gatlings. Gatlings have 0.5x multiplier against cavalry and falconets don’t. And neither one of these units “deletes” cavalry.

A falconet shot do 100 damage to a cavalry unit, and a gatling do 90 providing that you hit the 6 shots on a single unit, which is unlikely. Considering that cavalry generally have 200+ HP, none of the units are good against cavalry.

Of course they would much easier to dispatch, they would be a terrible unit with 120 HP :grinning:


You can site numbers all you want, but I know what happens to my units when they encounter 3 gatling guns and its totally different than when they encounter 2 falconets. I;ve seen my calvary go down quickly before they can reach them. Why? I don’t know, maybe its rate of fire. I am reporting my experience from real games where I encounter them. Good luck dealing with a bunch of regulars + 3 gatling guns. I tried black riders and Jagers once even, they got completely owned.


The rate of fire of falconets and gatling guns are the same. The only difference is that a falconet delivers the damage in a single time and gatlings delivers 6 volleys of 30 damage.

I don’t know why it does though. Miss micro? Gatlings are easier to micro because they shot all around the place. Falconets needs to be individually microed and shoot in different parts of the infantry mass so their shoots don’t go wasted.

And again; 3 gatlings are stronger than 2 falconets, but 2 gatlings are much weaker than 2 falconets. Is a hard shipment to balance.


Gatlings are more cost- efficient, and you ship 3 and not 2, coffe mill guns is a good upgrade to give your Gatlings more power, Gatlings also are more efficient against lower hp units ( because they can mow them quicker than falcs) or higher hp units( coffe mill guns is more efficient in this situation because Gatlings have a retargeting delay just like longbows) so like Gatlings are better against skirms and cav, falcs are good against mid hp units like musks


Since gatling guns have 24 range, they are easily countered by falconets. Culverin will also make short work of them.


I add my experience. Few days ago I played 4v4. I was Brit but my teammate had US. It was typical 4v4 match so both sides slowly boomed while in the middle there were few small skirmishes… I massed musks, US had some musks and 10 (?) gattlings.

We were concentrated in the middle when our enemy stroke, 3 enemy armies fell on our 2 armies. I just sent my musks in front of those gattlings gun to shield and then the meat-eaters began. Enemy musks fell one by one. When enemy was able to deploy his artillery and kill a majority of gattlings almost all his infantry was dead. I lost like a half of my units and since I was Brit it was easy for me to replenish them… But for the enemy it was disaster. Yes, they rebuilt armies again but it was obvious who would win… I dont wonder the enemy was annoyed…

My conclusion, in small games like 1v1 or 2v2 US can be rushed, raided etc. But in large games where players know how to play and combine their armies to cover the weaknesses gattling guns are overpowered…

I personally put gattling as a factory unit similar to rockets of Brits.


This might actually be a good solution.
It is way too easy to make 5 Gatling Guns as it is now, while 5 Falconets cost a lot more.
USA not only gets a very generous shipment of 3, while Falcs always come in 2s, but they can also create replacements very cheaply.
Maybe it should be a Factory only unit.


Lower HP 30%?
It’s 140HP and send 2 GGs?
I think it’s not weaken.It’s delete American


Bring back the 2 Gatling Guns infinite shipment. Thank you.


Wood is slower gatherrate then coin, so its actually better to cost wood then coin or food, the unit is actually not too OP, I havent seen it yet destroying entire armies. Even tho I did see someone spam them.

Also dont post something as fact if you dont use them or have not looked into it (the bombard one).

My main complain with gatling gun is the ridiculous skins with the last one being it plastered with gold. Yeah lets make the natives more “accurate” but give the USA a gatling gun with golden wheels. The whole of the US has this problem it scales nationalism like 10* compared to the other civs. I dont see a british explorer yelling god save the queen while charging with the light brigade and the union jack in the background. It makes me cringe when I hear the general.


They are much weaker than the factory units. So if they would be a factory unit, they would need to train considerably faster than the others.

Or when Gatling could replace horse artillery instead of replacing falcs, meaning it’s an age 4 unit


Historical speaking it would make more sense and they could remove the golden skin which would be perfect.


I have not found Gatling guns to be overpowered
You can just build culverins or horse artillery and blow them out of the water

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In my personal experience, I find the gatlings very powerful, I don’t know very well why, but they are more powerful than a falconet, why is a mystery, if you compare the statistics the falconet is superior in every aspect and sense, but in practice, gatilings prove to be much more versatile. If you are a native civilian (Haud, Inca or Aztec), you have no chance of countering them, perhaps the Skull Knight can, but the natives in general are screwed against the US.
On the other hand, I just love the idea of ​​placing it as a unit that can only be obtained from the factory, it is a very good idea!


Well the problem with that is that 6-7 of the civs dont have either really available.


Ok, so give EVERY non-USA civ (including the Incas and Aztecs) a 3 Culverin card in Fortress Age, so they can be instantly countered.