Gave up AgeIII DE

Longtime player of Age3 TAD, Which i like very much.i watch esoc and other streams tournaments.

I was very excited AGE3 DE bought preorder intro on graphics, had very high expectations.
What an absolute mess they have made.Main issues

  1. Horrible graphics , even with anti aliasing turnedoff on update 3552.If we musk, fusiler or skirm/jaeger and other units massed. Difficult to distinguish in a fight. Check close long bow does have have a bow or arrow . Also in a fight difficult to micro units overlap each other
  2. I think the new graphics engine is garbage
    So much blur, original was much cleaner and can differentiate units.
    3.Age 2 DE has graphics improved they have not the changed feel.They could have done the same with Age3 DE. Instead code appears to be written from scratch which renders blurry.
    4.Now balancing, they probably did not have time simply copied from esoc patch.Otto sucks best.
    Some cards are useless now eg ATP +20% hitpoints.
    Japs as usual #1Civ with insane boom and literally guard musk in age2 Which are Ashi not to mention then run fast.
  3. Game lobby worst i have seen, they should have atleast copied from original so much better.
  4. Game bugs crashing and others hopefully will get fixed.
  5. Overall the feel of the original Age3 is lost, game mechanics are same homecity, deck etc only reason people are still playing.

Iam not sure if the graphics can improved. I bet Age4 will have same graphical feel as Age3 DE, if this is the case that will be DOA.

I gave up Age3DE, uninstalled.


I agree with non-differentiable units!
Why dont they kept clarity/differentiability as first priority, then the graphics.

The Lobby layout, is my personal reason, I have my mind a little off of the game. It just carry forward the vibe of TAD.

Also cant figure out the inviting a friend for a game n oll. Eso was TBH better and had better USABLE features.

The one thing I liked, is Historical battles, they are fun I wish to have more of them ASAP.

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I agree with u 100% see also my topic, i showed there some images below

I agree, the game is inferior to the older version in alot of ways, but Im not going to give up on it. As a treaty player, I love the balancing and the amount of players in game. Makes finding treaty games so much easier than on the old game. I think its going to take alot of time for this game to be as good as the old one. Id say if they keep doing the week by week patches, in a few months time it will be in a decent state. Got a long way to go though.

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Yep, I keep shouting about this but not even sure the devs understand or care enough to fix it(even though for longevity it’s most important).

Ranks for custom games W H E N

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