Georgians in Age Of empires III please!

Can you guys add Georgians in ‘Age of Empires III’ too as well? They are one of the oldest nations on the world and their history & architecture is wholesome, theres a lot to talk about, but i think adding Georgians in Age of Empires III will be an excellent choice for the creators and amazing for its players! As aoe3 lover i would love to see them in this version too after of aoe2, Please add them in aoe3 too!

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I was going to instantly dismiss Georgians as a suggestions as they were not really on the world stage (from a , sorry, really Western perspective) and that they were within the Persians then (a small part) Ottoman and then finally Russian rule, however their two rival Georgian kingdoms and then unified kingdoms fought each of them at many points (and had a few victories against the mighty Ottoman and Persian empires), though gradually annexed by the Russians (a Russian thing?) - and that’s not even touching the Georgian Mamluks!

They seem pretty active during the AoE3 timeframe.

What units, mechanics, traits, etc would you envisage with the Georgians?


Yeah Georgians are surprisingly viable in AoE3, describing them as “wholesome” is… an interesting take for sure though.


They hadn’t included any DLC since KotM, they wont do a niche civ like Georgians. I agree that some mercenary could be done based on the caucaus if a Persian civ is ever done.

What time period/Rulers do you think they could be based off of?

I wager they should be themed after the Early Modern period.

So like 1600-1800s or something?
I’m reading wikipedia (please don’t hate) and it seems like most of the time they were (at least large portions) under Persian, Ottoman, or Russian rule (protectorate under Russia) and they revolted a lot. Wouldn’t they be better as a revolt? (I know how much you love revolts)

I said they were viable, not that it was a good idea.

In CIv 6 there’s a Georgian civ and their focus is on WALLS

Imagine an AoE3 civ based around walls lol

Oh please no. That would be death.

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Age of Walls

I’ve been an Egypt shill for a while so I wouldn’t be against other civs that weren’t necessarily independent.

Before the Persians even appeared, Georgia was a bad option for me

Well, Malta is a defensive civ and Hausa units get stronger next to walls. And we had aztec walls back in TAD

With the addition of Georgian Hussars, Georgians are represented as much as they can be for AoE3 timeline. Rest of the discussion is just fantasy for me.


Yeah, I think this is key really for any speculative civ - even more for those who clashed at some point with the Persians.

Persians being the next DLC civ is really what many want to see before we go crazy with the more peripheral (though arguably more interesting) civ ideas.

I understand your position, but occupation and invasion doesn’t delete the history, architecture & path of the nation. Even though 16-17-18 centuries were hard in the history of georgia doesnt means we didnt have our architecture, weapons or goid leaders. Its just because there were ottomans & russians on the world stage, much bigger & stronger empires, so what, because georgians were less than ottomans and russians this means they didnt have their stuff? still this doesnt make georgians to look less from any point. Georgians had their own unique architectural style, as you can even see it in old tbilisi, this kind of buildings were common for that time, one of the most famous leaders 18th century fof example ‘Heraclius ll of Georgia’. At his time tbilisi became the most important politician and economical centre in whole caucasus and not only, even though of its difficult regional location between two huge empires. He made army stronger and united Kakheti & Kartli together. This is just a one leader, but remember georgians always had their unique architecture even in the hardest times, including weapons and strong, outstanding leaders. Georgia has enough history and permission to be added in aoe3 as well, since they have always had everything their own, this is just only how they servived.

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Perhaps what I said doesn’t convert quite what I had meant - I was trying to say that despite the Persians and Ottoman being mighty empires, Georgians did bloody their noses in a number of battles. Georgians seems to have been a fairly tough bunch.

I’d love to know on your take of their unit roster.

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The better way is to make Georgians as a new rev

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The main reason is that Persia should join the game before Georgia joins. Georgia’s history is based on the struggle for regional hegemony and resistance over control. As the region’s hegemony itself, Persia has not yet appeared in the game, and Georgia itself should appear after Persia itself to be suitable

The most important thing is that the Persian countries themselves have not yet joined the game, so joining Georgia seems very strange


We can also add Chechen-Dagestan for Northern Caucasus,just as a new rev.