German Cons Capitalism

I assume this is on the to do list but if not here is the issue again.

Captialism was buffed to 1.65 coin per sec however the german consulate tecnology “capitalism” is still set to 1.25coin per sec. Can this be corrected for he next patch as I saw that the chinese russian cons fort had their rogue czapkha uhlans removed and fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


It is intended like that because of balance, i think

well its not as the card captialsm is 1.65c/s for all civs. and thegerman cons tech is to research capitialism. hence it was not intended to leave it at 1.25c/s especially as capitalism is a fortress age cons tech if i remember correctly

Ive noticed a few other posts recently are being tracked can this be tracked too thanks

This is an intended balance change, thanks for the report