Germans need Age II Unit

We all know the german civ is the weakest Age II civ. You cannot match any musketeer, even the russian low musketeer with Xbow. I tested the new Age-up politician and even with the breastplate they have no chance vs any unit (just vs other xbows and pikes).

Please give them a new Musketeer sth else for Age II.

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That’s why usually german players go semi ff or ff, they rarely stay in colo(1v1). With musk, Germany will not be Germany anymore.


:+1: Germany should be able to compete in age II…also tyey should be again superior soldner civ and not sweden.

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What!? There is no point of what you say. The germans had muskets like any other civ(30-years-war). They look very medieval in age II… there is no point making them not able to train a unit which can deal with other musketeers… xbows and uhlans can be contered very easily by the lowest musketeers, the germans are known for there disciplined musketeers and totenkopf hussars and not for doppelsoldners.

A good example for making Germany fair again is the recourse from liberty of war mod( landwehr unit). Of course they should not have royal musketeers for balancing only needed for Age II.

Also Friedrich der Große used musketeers and another point now is that germans are not superior soldner civ anymore thanks to sweden unbalanced civ.

Next time tell sth constructive instead acting like pro-knowledged with your ff-talk which everybody knows and don’t be a toxic internet hulk.

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I’m just giving my opinion, if you don’t agree it’s okay, no need to use those words. But let’s keep in the main topic.

Is well known that AOE3 is not 100% accurate with their representation of the civilizations, so start talking about history doesn’t make any sense, if you want to fix everything that is wrong, an AOE3 DE 2.0 is going to be needed.

Well, I was PR 37 with 2900 ELO in AOE3 Nilla, so I might know a little bit about the game, that’s why I’m confident about what I say.

Germany is just a civ with no musk dependency playstyle (: , and again, in my opinion, that’s what makes them unique ^^.

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OK you are basically right, but there are civs with very strong early rushes like ottoman or iroquois. There is absolute no chance to ff in 1vs1 cause they are to fast for me and I don’t know how to stop them when they attack at 5-6 min while I ff like 6-8 min.

I guess they anti musketeer unit on the colonial age supposed to be the Doppelsöldner. They are faster than the musketeers, have 20% resistance against melee as well (The musketeers also have it) and do splash damage. The problem is that they are so flipping expensive that is hard to mass they, specially on maps with silver mines, that runs out quickly and makes the player keep wandering around the map and/or burning shipments on coin crates.

And I’m sorry if I’m getting to virgin about this, but I have been watching the New World Championship for 2019, and one of the things that I noticed is that Germany lost all of the games that played against other civilizations, apart from one Germany x China that the player went for a mercenaries based army playstyle. I think that might be saying something, maybe is a indicative that their special units have such a bad cost effectiveness that is better to go straight out with mercenaries armies instead of using they special units. Maybe its worthy to consider beef up the stats of their special units, or reduce their cost.

Also, I always thought that crossbowman’s should fire at a faster rate than the musketeers. This is not only realistic, but also will make they be a actual usable unit, since is easy to mass them, and the more you have the better, because of the faster shooting rate.

And I gonna have to agree TheOnlyOnce on how is annoying the lack of care for historical preciseness of the developers towards the game. Germany is a good example, because it’s no Germany, ITS FREAKING PRUSSIA! Frederick II was a Prussian king, and the civilization has the flag of the kingdom of Prussia. So, why the developers called it Germany? I know is a small detail, but this things kind of bothers me as well.


Ger is actually a very strong civ, it is used a lot in 1v1.

U have xbows to counter musk age 2, then u can simply skirm. + u got uhlans everytime u send a card.
There’s people playing ger for years and years and they can normaly face other nations without problems.

DE got many issue, let’s not start to ask for changes for something that’s working perfectly well.


well if we get historically correct, Spain should have arquebusiers at 2 age, since they were the first to use firearms in large quantities in the wars against France in Italy, but this is a game and for example civs like Spain and Germany were designed for the FF, I agree with you that you always do the same strategy because you don’t have a better one, it bores a lot. for example the British are condemned to fight in colonial age and possibly they would like to do FF like you with Germany. empowering germany in colonial age would be crazy because it is a super strong civ. You have free hulans with second age shipments, a crossbowmen card, colonial militia, not being able to defend a rush is a problem of the player who must continue training. But with the economy that Germany has to boost it in colonial age it would be a total imbalance of the game.

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There are many things I dont understand with the DE version. For example why the hell the sweden civ get the ability to train german mercenaries with a card. Germans should be the civ with most powerful mercenaries and not sweden, sweden is by far too strong I didnt see a single weakness of them in any area. Its hard to fight them. While germany and spain remain the same.

In the Beta of DE the spain got really quickly homecity cards the rodelero had 13 base attack and everything was fine… then like in original days they got nerfed again, da logic.

And the germans should be able to compete in Age II, for me its nonsense to make it obviosly to make a civ for ff strategy only.


I must say, german civ is too weak in age II. I always defeated germany with rush cause xbows have 0% chance to deal with any other civ… its obviosly for 1vs1 or 2vs2: just rush them and ez win.

Esta unidade já existe: Doppelsoldner. O problema que ela é muito fraca em lutas contra qualquer unidade de ataque a distancia e na idade 2, o combate que ocorre com maior frequencia é mosqueteiro vs doppelsoldner. Esta unidade recebeu um aumento de 4,35% nos pontos de vida enquanto outras unidades do mesmo tipo tambem receberam este aumento e um aumento de ataque de 11,1%
Halabardier recebeu tambem um aumento de resistencia.

You’re right. What happens is that the poor performance of the Doppelsoldner is compensated by the extra Uhlans that you receive on the cards.

We all know that Doppelsoldner are bad, because nobody produces them in team games, because there is always another better unit to do.
Crosbowman should have opposed the musketeers, but they have such a bad cost benefit that it makes Germany without any decent infantry units at age 2, and this was the perception of @TheOnlyOnce8627 so @TheOnlyOnce8627 asked for a musketeers.

Finally I would like to clarify that Germany does not need a Buff (it is ok in 1v1), but the Doppelsoldner unit does, and in this case some nerf could be applied.

@AFKnorris When you have time left, call me to repeat some unit tests and maybe some new tests :slight_smile:


Of course my Friend, Claro amigo, vamos testar Doppel de novo no DE e ver se com o pathfind melhorado ele pode ser melhor

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Germand doesn’t have to stay at age 2 in any case, they are one of the fastest Fast Fortress in the game, and have one of the best Age 3 compositions, Just forget about age 2 OR do one of the strongest pike/bow rush which can beat even Ottoman’s MAJOR on the original, they are far away from weak! (I tested uhlan Vs gerdame based on unit cost and uhlan performed admirable + you get at least 6 for free on age 2 alone) German is scary man!


O problema do Doppelsöldner é que ele é muito caro, e custa dois de população. Então não só você vai precisar dos 75 de comida e 125 de ouro que ele custa, como também vai precisar levantar uma série de casas para poder suportar a população deles. Então a principal dificuldade é criar exércitos de Doppelsödner em quantidades descentes, e não colocar eles em combate corpo a corpo com os mosqueteiros, porque você vai precisar de quantidades consideráveis dos 3 recursos. Eles só são uma boa unidade mais pro fim do jogo.

Fora o fato de que as minas de prata só tem 2000 de ouro e tendem a acabar muito cedo no jogo se você ficar coletando muito delas. Tudo isso dificulta você a criar exércitos grandes de Doppelsödner.

And about the extra Uhlas shipments, of course free troops are always nice, but they will not help you against musketeers/janissaries or equivalents rush, because they are made specific to fight off troops like Uhlas. Uhlas are better used on raids, trying to kill some villagers of the opponent, but they actually have a suspicious cost-benefit on the colonial age as well.

Also, this shipment dependency could be very harmful for Germany in some maps, specially in the ones that don’t have trade routes.

I don’t think is anybody’s point that Germany is a inherently bad civilization, the author of the topic is bothered by lack of versatility that almost forces you to go fast fortress. I think you can get creative, trying going into a mercenary based army, maybe going into a pikeman rush, etc. And I also think that Doppelsödner are actually a pretty good unit on the latest ages of the game.

The only thing that is particularly bothering me is the crossbowman’s. I think they should have a rate of fire of 2 instead of 3. This is realistic and would make them be a actually usable unit. Right now, they are not a real counter against heavy infantry, even though that’s what they were supposed to be.

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I agree with you 100%! :+1:

Dude there is no scary about germany if you ff the enemy will scout it and rush you and a good rusher will always win vs xbow… also uhlans cannot win vs hussar or any other cav, they only win vs naginata or lancer.

Yeah at Age III I agree 100% with you, everything is elite and scary. But in the other hand… why sweden can make german mercenaries with a card and germany the original mercenary civ not???

Things I dont understand.


Ok I know German has it’s weakness, but I never succeed rushing against a High Level player on the original, (I have VS other civs but German And French) I think you can FF within 7 minutes and at that time, your opponent won’t have more than 20-25 units. Use your vills to shot + 6 cav + Militia + Something sent from Home city (lets say cannons or Skirm). Build your houses around TC to make it harder to walk through your base. I’ve found some german winning games: (ImSoldier VS Garja rushing/rushed) (Lord_Raphael cav fight) (German is scary even to Germans LOL - Noob Game/Joke)


You don’t know you can basically get dopplesoldners and mix them up? I’m starting to lose braincells I think coming here and just saying obvious things. It’s obvious to me, who would see it and win, but why is it not obvious to you? You have a unique strong infantry unit and other units to try, plus I think they ‘already have’ a musket-like unit to spam in age 2 just like other civs?

I would agree with making xbows better if it wouldn’t make germans lame, I mean, i disagree with you saying german can’t spaw Doppel on 2nd age, if you upgrade coin on market, mines last more, 30% upgrade on coin makes a 2000gold mine worth 2600! You’ll have better eco than many of the other civs if play this way, and also Doppel has an area attack wich means they worth more the many units they get close, it’s a must you have to get them among other units to defend, plus your extra free cav COULD be the tank unit VS archers and Skirms(dutch) and they come for free, you can make even more cav withou balancing vills because both doppel and cav costs more gold.

What do you say going dopple vs skirm AND Uhlan vs Draggons? Watch this: (an insane play by Aizamk)