Ghengis Khan 2 "Into China" Steam Achievement Bugged

101.101.333150 Game Version:

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  • Platform (Steam)


The Achievement for “Into China” requires defeating the Jin before they begin construction of a wonder. I did. By ~ 20 minutes their TC was destroyed and most villagers dead, so they were never able to gather the necessary resources. They resigned shortly after 38 minutes - without ever placing the foundations. Two hours later (it took awhile to get my eco going again considering how all-in the push against Jin has to be), I finish the level only to see that I wasn’t awarded the achievement. What? That took tens of hours and a slew of attempts only to be denied the currently rarest achievement in the game due to a bug.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start Into China.
  2. Defeat the Jin before they begin constructing the Wonder (Wiki says that’s around 40 minutes).
  3. Complete the level.
  4. Notice the achievement not appear.

As you can see in the screenshot (taken after I saved and got off to go do something else for awhile), the Jin had resigned before the 40 minute mark and never started construction. The remaining units shown were a couple of fishing ships and galleys. so nothing capable of building a Wonder.

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