Give the Janissary back his hat?

As @Mahazona suggested, this is a follow-up to my previous post about the Janissary getting his hat back. I want to know your thoughts, so vote on this poll.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided / Don’t care

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Give the janissary an even fancier hat !



Bow version in Castle Age and Arquebus version in Imperial Age after chemistry is obtained.

A bow version would be incompatible with its massive attack. A castle age bow cannot be nearly twice as strong as a mechanical arbalest or an elite longbow…

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Faster firing composite bow.

It would make more sense, but the change would be controversial. And the janissary would feel very close from the crossbow. Plus being possibly affected with blacksmith arrow upgrades while the elite wouldn’t.

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As someone who routinely uses the Janisaries with Hats mod… yes!

How about the Royal Janissary graphic becoming the default one, plus an optional Fancy Colourful Janissaries event mod? Or fancier hats for Elite Janissaries?

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If we’re talking about different skins for elite UUs, that’s opening Pandora’s Box. Better give them an historically accurate skin from the start.


just use a skin mod to solve this problem rather than having everyone seeing the hat. the game already has royal janissary with the hat, no need to make both royal janissary and regular janissary the same looking units.


The point is rectifying a stupid OG dev decision. Imperial janissaries do not appear in the regular game modes.


There are worse irregularities in the game.

I support this.
The original motivation was shaky at best, but nowadays with improved graphics there’s literally ZERO sense to keep Janissaries without their hats.
Moreover touchy people will still get offended by anything so we shouldn’t really care about them.

I already use a visual mod for that, but the lesser mods the better.


Thats what using a skin mod means.

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Like how the stupid Aachen Cathedral for Britons wonder decision was thrown into the dustbin thank god and a proper wonder was added for the Britons.

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While we are at it no one wants the mamluke to ride a horse and have a smaller sword?

That would significantly change the identity of the unit. Giving the Janissary a hat changes nothing except for adding a little flair.


Obviously but

Exactly this.

why would it change anything?its the same as giving a hat for more historical accuracy.

Because the unit would still have 3 range, so unless you give it a BIG sword, it should still throw something, unless you rework the unit entirely.

But I’m all for at least giving them the correct camel!
In the case of Janissaries there’s really zero effort to do, just implement the available mod into the game. Voilà.

The Mameluke is a ranged camel unit. That is its identity, and it was deliberately designed with historical inaccuracy so as to make a cool unit that stands out from normal camels. Changing it to a more conventional cavalry unit is not only more boring, but changes the identity of the unit.