Give the strelet a new pose

I understand this is the leftover of the original musketeer-type strelet, but it is quite confusing. It is now one of the few units whose role does not match the pose. Especially when carolean, Irish brigadier, fusilier (all musketeers) all have the same pose

…which is also understandable because the design of the unit is not carrying a rifle but a musket, so the generic skirmisher pose (which mostly relate to rifles) or the native skirmisher pose (with the image of an ambusher) do not apply. However after the new expansion added the “gun over shoulder” pose for hajduks and evzones, I think this pose applies very well to the strelet’s image.



Strelet shares the same pose as Janissary, right? That’s a 100-buck-worthy suggestion.:smiley:


BTW I did not realize before posting these screenshots, but you can clearly see the difference between the models of the guns. That is a great detail.

A similarity between Evzone and Strelet is that they both have an “inspect melee weapon” idle animation.

Though the Evzone’s sword now tends to twitch around on his waist for one frame or two at the start of his idle animations - this bug will look a lot more ostentatious with the Strelet’s long axe. :angel:

Still another common complaint is about Akan Ankobia’s unique pose, which is too skirmisher-like for a musketeer. According to in-game article, it has a historical basis:

– tended to fire their muskets from the hip, a tactic that precluded extensive damage from firearm malfunctions common at the time.


It nonetheless makes the unit annoying to read. What do you think?


Technically, Strelets use the “Janissary” pose instead of the “Musketeer” pose.

Yeah basically most musketeers with a side arm use this pose.

Maigadi too.
I think it’s fine if there is a “set of musketeer poses” and a “set of skirmisher poses”, but they had better not overlap.


They also need new voice lines, I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s the only Russian unit that doesn’t say “I’m going to attack” in Russian 21

Maigadi, Heavy Infantry, uses standard skirmisher animations, which… yeah. :face_with_head_bandage:

Meanwhile, Dahomey Amazon, Light Infantry, has a pose very similar to, but distinct from Ankobia.


While we are on the topic of standing poses, there’s a mistake I noticed immediately in Digital Foundry’s AoE3 comparison video at launch, never fixed:

The default Pikeman/Halberdier pose seems anchored to the wrong point on his body, causing his two feet to constantly oscillate to and fro on ground. The shifting is visible at the normal zoom level.

Fix all the problems of the foot bow unit as the posture of holding the bow with the left hand and pulling the string with the right hand and the right side of the quiver, and fix the problems of all the riding and shooting units as the posture of holding the bow with the left hand and holding the horse rope with the right hand. Let the developers repair the patch

I don’t get what you are saying, and I’m not sure others can. The forum system’s auto-translation is decent enough that you don’t have to always write in English, especially when you want to convey complex ideas. You can try writing in your native language (which I recall is Chinese), and let other posters auto-translate it.

Anyway, are the foot & horse archer animations you described different from original AoE3? Are they bugged? Or they’ve always been like that, and you simply find them historically inaccurate?

That pose would work really well I think.

Not sure about their melee attack animation and stuff like that.
Could be tested relatively easily with a mod.


Bringing this up again.
Strelet is the only musketer-posed skirmisher, and it’s unnecessarily confusing.

Now that the poruchik also gets a standing pose, it might make it less identifiable.


I think they should make the “gun over the shoulder” pose exclusive to counter-skirmishers. Strelets should just have a regular skirmisher pose so they don’t blend in with musketeers.

There’s no way in hell anyone is going to be able to pick out the counter-skirmishers from the mix of units below.

Maigadi, Levied Gunners, and to a lesser extent Ankobia also need a proper musketeer pose.


the musketeer-leftover is a thing of the past, I think it’s time to move forward and give strelets a proper animation, as well for poruchiks, there’s no point of them holding they halbedier like that when all the other pike-like infantry does in a very markable way

Like this?


Well it does not look as good as I imagined…maybe just use the standard skirmisher pose.




That looks much better than over the shoulder.