Give Trademillcrane to Britons for DM

Britons are already very weak on DM. so it would be good to give them Trademillcrane. to make them a little bit better on DM.

For RM it would change nothing, coz trademill crane is avialible in imperial.


No, is available in Castle Age, and the reason of why they lack it is because of the TCs wood discount so to prevent them to be unreasonably strong at booming, without mentioning they powerful towers with Yeomen.


then give them trademil crane only in imperial. they are so slow and weak in DM.
trademill crane would help them to pump more units faster. viking alsow got trademill crane in DE. they also did not had trademillcrane on earlier times.

Vikings got Treadmill Crane in The Forgotten.

doesent matter. at least they got it. so they are a bit better then before. time to give britons trademil crane too in imperial. just for balacing DM.

This tech isnt worthwhile to research in my games. Adding this tech to Britons wont really change the civs. I almost never researched this tech anyways.

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This is the third thread asking for treadmill cranes to be given to a civ, is it a trend or something?

balancing is an never ending act. its normal in any rts game which is played in multiplayer. maybe your are new to online rts.

it is just frustrating, if you play against a fast civ like franks or spain. and it takes ages to finish a castle or other buildings to defend as an briton player in DM.

so many civs got trademill crane later: like vikings, japanese etc.

but britons still so slow on finishing buildings. even they already a weak civ in DM. thats why nearly no one playing with briton in DM. trademil crane would help to make them more popular.

maybe it would also be a good idea to make building time for longbows a bit faster.

as far as i know, historicaly britons was in par with franks. but in this game. britons lose very hardly against franks in DM. britons really need to buffed against paladin civs.

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not really, thank you very much

But Briton are quite unsalvageable as they have 0 pop efficient units. Japanese have HCA, Vikings have berserks+siege ram and so on. Britons have warwolf trebs I suppose? Furthermore, while would Briton deserve the tech more than say, Malay or Chinese, who also aren’t the best at pop efficiency?

As far as I know, Mongols beat almost all the civs in the game. Let’s give them not only treadmill crane, but also gunpowder, all their missing blacksmith techs, and halberdiers and paladins too. After these changes their perfomance in game should reflect their achievements in history.

They have FU halbs, and I don’t see camels fitting for them anytime soon.


by many you mean 2 gained it. vikings and japanese. and 2 have had it removed, huns and goths.

and yet they are an insanely good RM civilization, easily one of the best.

this is very false, there is a reason why Franks were buffed so much past AoC, because they were a very weak civ.

they already have fully upgraded Halbs, supported by some of the best archers in the game, how do you propose to fix them against paladin civs without making them broken in 1v1?

why do you talk about rm, when i already wrote in topic: its for DM ?

do you even understand my point?

britons are very weak against paladin civs, also against infantry civs with siege rams. thats why no one playing them.

so to make them more popular in DM. they need some little adjustments. giving them trademill crane, would make them more fast in pumping units, and they would not die too fast against fast civs.

no rm player would have any disadvantage (when giving them trademil in imp). and in DM they would get a bit more popular. it is a pity that this cool civilsation is almost not played in DM

after vikings and jap got trademil crane. britons maybe the worst DM civ ATM.

please stop arguing from standpoint of rm. i am talking about DM.

its clear you dont have any clue about DM. come and take britons, give me any paladin civ. i will beat you in 10/10 games. britons are just very weak against paladin civs. and they are also weak against infantry civ with siege rams. they are like one of the worst DM civ ATM.

whats the problem, to give them a boost in building speed in IMP. nothing would change in rm gameplay.

it simply speaks volumes that nobody plays briton in dm. there is probably a reason.

its always funny to see rm players argueing for DM players. if you an rm player please stop agruing. coz it seems you dont understand DM.

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wrong argument. mongols where only strong in a special time period (time of chengis khan, and his sons). before that time period, and after that time period they where just very weak. in late midage other civilizations already beaten them like the tirmurids (tatars) or mameluks (saracens).

so your argument makes no sense.

in the case of britons, and franks, they where fighting each other alot times. maybe for centuries. in the same time period. and sometimes franks won, and sometimes britons got the edge. there where mostly equal.

but in this game. franks own britons so easy in DM. and that doesent makes sense. they should be at least more close to each other. trademil crane would help alot to pump units more faster. and can be at least bit more agressive against paladins.

give me frank and i will beat any briton 10/10 games in DM.

and please stop agueing from an rmer standpoint. i am talking about DM.

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The Britons are good on maps with small breaches in otherwise closed areas. Whereas in open maps the cav civs are ahead. That’s just fair, not every civ can be good on all maps and starting scenarios. Balancing Britons to be on the level with franks on open DM maps make them imbalanced in RM. And RM community is bigger thus more important for the Devs I guess. I think there are two solutions: don’t play them or play them, lose elo until you play worse players so your skill makes up for the worse civ.

your statement was they are weak against paladin civs. giving them treadmill crane doesn’t do much to help that situation, sure they can start massing halbs SLIGHTLY Faster, but is that really going to help them against paladin civs?
if the answer is yes, then clearly they aren’t as weak against paladin civs as you seem to make them out to be.
if the answer is no, then saying they are weak against paladin civs has no bearing on the argument.
either way i don’t care if they get treadmill crane, my whole point was your argument makes no sense.

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ok let me explain how DM works.

the biggest problem with briton vs Paladin civ is the first big paladin + champ strike. usually a strong paladin civ like frank, teuton, spain, start big push with paladin + champs vs briton. before that happens, single paladins start sniping villagers. to extra slow britons down.
in that time it is extremely important to have trademill crane to get up your buildings and your casltes trying to stop the big push of paladins + champs.

after the fist big push, usually the paladin civ player will not have a such big paladin army, because resources go more and more down. so the first string is the hardest. and thats why trademil crane is such important. just to mass units way more faster. and get up defensive castles up faster. it makes a big big difference to have trademil crane or not.

there are alot infantry civs which can stop the first big paladin push much easier, because they have trademil crane and some extra bonus agsinst cavalry. like japanese, slavs, incas, celts etc.

and britons fail so hard against paladin civ, because of missing strong anti cavalry, and beeing slow with buildings.

in my opinion britons need some better hallbardiers or +1 bonus against cavalry with their longbow, and trademil crane to balance things out more. but at least trademil crane would help alot.

what i dont understand is: already strong civs with trademil crane like slavs, celts with their superior siege also get better hallbardiers.

and weak civs like britons, dont even get trademil crane or some better options against strong cavalry. generic hallbardier is not enough against strong paladin + champ pushes.

and thats the reason why no one is playing britons in DM. they are just so weak. in my opinion britons are the weakest civ in DM atm.

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It’s okay for a civ to be weak in a mode. They aren’t weak in RM. Further, giving them treadmill crane won’t make them good in DM, as a lack of Paladin, Siege Onager, a Cav UU, or Elephants means they can’t really keep even with very pop-efficient options. More building speed will not fix that problem. You are asking for a buff that won’t solve the problem you are claiming it will.


DM and RM are so different.

You really need completely different civs / civ techs in DM to make it balanced. One tech tree for RM. One tech tree for DM. One tech tree for team games. Like we now have a 1 team bonus. Let’s do that, but propely. Heavily differentiate the 3 modi.

No one is going through that effort right now I’m afraid.

A quick fix to Britons in DM… I have no opinion on that.

No, let me explain how dm works: since DM can’t be balanced, it should only be played in mirror. That’s why every DM tournament is played with mirror civs.
It doesn’t matter if brits don’t have treadmill crane because in DM you should always play mirror

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it can’t be balanced, that’s why it’s always played on mirror

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