Gold Rush - Radiation polluted meteor crater

To anyone interested, here is a link to a map I made for me and some friends.

This map has combines the narrow passages of Black Forest with the huge resources in the middle similarly to Gold Rush. There is a twist though. The crater in the middle is poisonous. Make sure you go there with a large number of healers. In terms of gameplay mechanics each unit in the crater takes 1 damage per second.

Have fun mates!


Fun map to play with AI… :wink:

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I am not sure how AI “thinks” but while testing the map there was a point at which all AIs decide to expand in the middle. From there, you get the point. It becomes an endless line of villagers walking to their death.

Not sure how easy it is to edit the AI but I assume it will be quite hard.

Still it provides opportunities for interesting screenshots.

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