Good job aoe2 devs, i quit aoe2 multiplayer

I agree to this in this case, I will never lecture this or that to anyone in a game, unless he starts interfering my matters like blanked saying racism, noob bashing and finally if it is my ugc they are playing in unranked and they try to teach me skills I make them learn what is ugc!

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You told pocket and flank what army to make. And you told another player to make army instead of booming. So you’re not getting reported for no reason, you’re being bossy and there’s no way you would have been banned if you just said nothing in the chat. Should you ignore racism? No, obviously not, but you should just report it and mute the toxic players. It’s not your job to police people in the chat.

It’s clear from your attitude in this post that you’re not telling the full story. You don’t sound like the sort of person who would be calm and thoughtful in your chat messages. You sound like a rage-quitter: “Good job Devs, I quit aoe2 multiplayer” etc.

Post a link to the game which got you banned so we can check the chat log. That should prove you were completely innocent and not being selective with what you’re telling us.


Again, it’s not your job to police the other players in the chat. Just report them and mute them and get on with the game.

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hmmmm, give me 1000 accounts to report by 1000 names I get more authority too.

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I mean, this isn’t necessarily against the rules nor would I consider this bossy. It’s a teamwork game, so you have to coordinate the team. Generally how this goes is by just asking what the plan is, though on open maps I don’t think it needs to be even asked. 11

I do agree that without actual chatlogs it’s hard to tell what someone got banned for, but from what I’ve heard you really don’t get banned often in AoE2, and if being toxic or w/e was the reason it was very likely something really toxic. Like, telling people to :skull: themselves-type of toxicity.

No, but that’s also not against the rules. In similar vein it’s not your job to police how people react in game. 11


True, but I’m not the one starting threads complaining about it, I’m just responding to the whiners. There’s no smoke without fire. Nobody gets banned for nothing

And no, it’s not against the rules, but nor is laming. If you’re going to tell people what to do, you can’t predict how they’re gonna react.


needed 20 characters

Okay, its alright not anyone are in the game now, we are just discussing

Even @NastyHigh is not getting to police us or neither we are on an equal level of biasing because this is ain’t a game here. We are just the beginners in the forum and he is an experienced person over here, @NastyHigh is just sharing his experience and we are here to discuss about the ideas.

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Yes and that’s what I said too, my point was merely your replies are also a bit… flawedt!


36h ban means it’s the 3rd time you got banned.

People can report you for any reason anytime without any concern

You will be banned automatically when you received enough report counts no matter what

Nobody will review reports, nobody is qualified to be an online judge that can determine if a player should be banned

TL,DR, make familyshare account and keep playing


I think this a friendly gaming society. Is family making necessary over here? I can hear only about your own hard work to become into an ideal player and friendly behavior helps to survive. What else is required?

End of discussion from my side:

I got too see some positive people who actually told me what or why you can get ban (Thanks everyone). Conclusion: The ban system is broken, and no proof will be given, unlike how i have seen many games provide for their online players (Seen of yt).
So i will just shut up and not type a single thing in chat even when they players are using racist slurs or reporting me for no reason (i will not even report them, because it may get me banned for multiple reporting), well let’s give one last try to this game. If again i get a ban for no reason, i will share my profile link from aoe insight site and whoever wants to check recorded games or whatever can do. I will be done then.

I just want to play a few games after hard work at office, is it too much to ask?

Yes, it is, but we don’t have a solution and it is hard to have a solution because there are many complicated issues such as bad sportsmanship , smurf, taunt ,etc. I think this is why they are using automated ban system.

They can’t give you proof because the moderators didn’t ban you , the devs didn’t ban you, the system did.
The moderator need to find the replay, and watch it, think about it . and he might not understand whats going on. You only got banned for less than 2 days, it might not be enough to solve the issue in time so the moderators just moved on.

You can’t educate low elo players because they don’t understand the situations or they just don’t care.
You should either make your own team or get good so that you can meet more friendly players.

I repeat, make new steam account , borrow the game from your main account, and you can play the game on new account for free. It is called familyshare system.

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I know you will stay so why so much tragedy for 36 hours ban ?


Just report those chinese player whenever you encounter any of them. If you burn, they burn with you

This was my thought exactly. You don’t get a 3 day ban for a first time offence.

I’m wondering if it’s automated as in if you get too many reports, the system auto-bans you.

Convenient answer. There’s nobody who can challenge these bans unless they’re a pro or a big content creator. I’m pretty sure people like Hera, the Viper, Tatoh, SOTL, T90 wouldn’t get the same treatment because they can raise a stink.

Are you from India or Taiwan?

Good job aoe2 devs, i quit aoe2 multiplayer

Actually, this is not a bad idea… or rather limiting the amount you play. If you play just 1 or 2 games a day, you won’t accumulate enough ‘negative behavior’ to warrant a ban.

As much as I love the game and have been playing it since childhood, I have to admit that spending too much time in this game is just a waste of time… The fact that they introduced word filters and also, this banning system from the early days of DE does not make it any better. Everything is now centrally hosted rather than having dedicated servers.

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I m sure its not automated, after my request and providing proofs of no guilt they reduced my ban to just 4 hours. Anyhow I did not find it worth. I stopped public multiplayer games I m playing only with my friends in private. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So Viper, Hera , Tatoh, Jordan are all doing waste of time? I do not think this statement must be generalized for all, leave the emthusiasts alone.