Good job aoe2 devs, i quit aoe2 multiplayer

I don’t think you understood the nuance. It’s a waste of time for 90% of players. People like Hera, Tatoh, Jordan, Viper, SOTL and T90 make money doing this. These are like the top 2% of content creators and pro-players.

Spending some time in the game is good… but beyond a certain point, it becomes a waste. I’m saying this a a guy with around 4500 hours in aoe2… since late 2015. These kind of bans don’t usually happen to people who spend like less than 21 hours a fortnight in the game. It happens to those who spend like 40-80 hours a fortnight.

The fact that you had to provide proof of innocence to modify a ban itself shows the ban was automated to start with. It shows that no human viewed the game and decided to ban you. Human intervention merely reduced it to 4 hours.

Better… and you can also use discord to communicate.

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Devs deal with the forums not a problem with forums :slight_smile:

Say it to 90% of players and make it a clear note in your posts to only them that make no waste of time gaming, There are still 10% anyhow, do not spoil the enthusiasts. You can never sprinkle water on the child dreams. Make it a clear way, please not make disheartening statements in the generalized statements. Even if there is a class of 99 students who won’t learn the teachers are always ready to teach that single student. Please feel free to correct my ignorance and sorry for any mistakes in my perception. Thank You.

I mean use discord to voice chat to coordinate much better

Bro. It goes without saying that it does not apply to everyone. It does apply to the vast majority.

Sure. Agreed. Are you an Indian?

Not to be rude, I am an Earthian( The whole Earth is mine) but why?

My English a little weak, please don’t mind it. If you got my point that would more than enough. I did not even care to finish my graduation papers after I got convocation. Please do not take my illiteracy in negative manner. I hope I made it clear.

I just wanted to say if there 100 students and 99 of them neglected teacher, and one sits silent, the teacher will definitely teach to that one student. Hope I made it clear this time :slight_smile:

There’s a difference between typing “plan?” or “make kts pls” in chat, and typing in all caps “MAKE ARMY NOOB” or “STOP BOOMING AND DO SOMETHING”. If you’re getting reported by multiple people, you’re probably doing more of the latter. And making a post like this, tells me you’re making this out to be a bigger deal than it needs to be. It’s a 36 hour ban, take the time to reflect on how what you’re doing is being perceived by others and adjust.


This needs to be talked about more. Bans are very trigger happy and target frequent players. The number of unnecessary bans has gone through the roof. I’ve seen it in my friends and other streamers. Plenty of others have rightfully quit the game completely due to this nonsense.

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I think ban is the wrong word, it’s more like a suspension, or a time-out. If you quit forever due to a temporary time-out, you’re just like a toddler having a tantrum and you probably needed the break to cool down.


Sure, except they are frequently repeated on targets who have already been suspended. It happens to a player again, and again, and again. I’ve watched it happen in real time.

This happens to the point where quitting is not only reasonable, but anyone who sees half the frustration that this can cause would find it recommendable. Where’s the motivation for players to return to such a system?

Claiming anyone is ‘having a tantrum’ from this issue as if it’s a “temporary” once-off thing shows you understand very little of the impact this has on players. These aren’t useful comments for a system that’s already established that it’s prone to repeating itself.

All bans are temporary. If you are being repeatedly banned then you are in a tiny minority and it means you are doing something different than the rest of the player base who never get banned. Silent players who never use chat never get banned. That alone tells you everything you need to know.

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Seems about right…some toxic people

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Indeed, people have unlimited reports right now and they can report everybody they don’t like. Report has become a weapon of toxic people and they always threaten with report which is very disgusting.

Yeah, I agree to this. That’s why even see the great fighters who fought in for the same cause and got permanently banned for more than 3 times, even in the devs. Never get tired, try and try till you die :saluting_face:

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I’m amazed that someone who claims that AOE2 gives brain damage and is BS has become an Age Insider. I have been making similar claims for the past month and I’ve gotten my posts removed consistently.

Because you also insult all the players and won’t listen to advice from anyone. Completely different.


I stopped grinding this game and my overall life experience have been better , i advice you do the same :wink:

Mmm… some users adviced me to drop this game. However, they attributed it to me not being able to handle it. I wonder if all of them would come to agree with you in that the problem is AOE itself, that it makes people mad.

With chat you never know how things will necessarily come across, and goofy mistakes do happen. Once on an Amazon Tunnel game, I made a joke about the fact that the other team had not noticed that I had researched bagains–shortly afterward Hand Cannoneers started showing up as I had goofed my chat setting and had it on everyone. The team did not take that one seriously because they were mature players who knew people make mistakesand we had other strategies in the works to begin with which had been undergoing design without word (I think I had just finished my 6th Krepost at that point). When you are playing with people that you do not know, you never know how things will be interpreted or how they will play. People make mistakes just like I had. Some players themselves are generally nasty folk and you will run into them. They are not the norm, but they can make your day more stressful, particularly if you do not know that they are around. They are a reality of playing online.

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Well you learned a valuable lesson there then didn’t you? Play your own game and mind your own business. Just focus on the things which are within your own control. Chat is for sharing your strategy, asking for help and sharing intel about enemy positions and strategies. Maybe don’t criticise people and you won’t get reported.

This post appears to have become a magnet for all the toxic players. Surprised it hasn’t been closed by the moderators yet. Nothing productive is being discussed.