Goraksha card what does it do? bug?

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  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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it says herded animals auto gather exp work rate for xp+ 80%
But after sent cow still generates .20/s when assigned on sacred field…
does it only affect to herded animals that are unassigned to sacred field?

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. send card and see how cow still generate 20exp/s making click when its assigned on sacred field
  2. Try to count if sheeps unnasigned generate exp more quickly (the exp they generate is not shown on IU, i counted and a sheep generates 0.8 per second but im not sure if before or after the card.
  3. Make our life easier, and put how much exp unnasigned herdeble animals generate.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

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idk, do what the card says or at least understand what the card says.
get 80% more exp per second? i still got .20/s generated by a card on sacred field

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not known if a good card

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The card’s effects are somewhat confusing, but it is not bugged. The card only increases Auto Gather XP rate, which is the small XP trickle that is always generated by herdables automatically. The card does not affect gather rate for the Sacred Field in any way.

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So the sacred field gathers xp on its own, even without herdables or cows?

No, the Indian herdables gather XP on their own, even without being tasked to a Sacred Field.

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how much exp gather a sheep and a cow per minute with and wtihout goraksha? to compare it with cows inside sacred field.

Sheep auto gather at 0.08xp/s, that’s 4.8xp/min.
With Goraksha, they auto gather at 0.08xp/s + 0.064xp/s = 0.144xp/s, that’s 8.64xp/min.

Cows auto gather at 0.1xp/s, that’s 6xp/min.
With Goraksha, they auto gather at 0.1xp/s + 0.08xp/s = 0.18xp/s, that’s 10.8xp/min.

The auto gather trickle is always in effect, regardless of whether the herdable is idle, moving, or being tasked to also gather from a Sacred Field. That means a Cow will generate 0.1xp/s + 0.2xp/s = 0.3xp/s total while tasked on a Sacred Field without any improvements. With Goraksha, that would be 0.18xp/s + 0.2xp = 0.38xp/s total generated while on a Sacred Field.


do you have the info about the exp that generates each animal out and in sacred field that you didnt mention?
water buffalo

That means a Cow will generate 0.1xp/s + (0.2xp/s) (1.25 “ritual bovine”) = 0.35xp/s total while tasked on a Sacred Field with ritual bovine improvement that cost 150 wood and 150 food
and if we add gorashka will have 0.18xp/s + (0.2xp/s) (1.25 “ritual bovine”) = 0.42 xp/s = 25.2 exp/min

does this help you?