GOT A Khaleesi’s Journey

I’ve just published a scenario in the workshop titled A Khaleesi’s Journey. I had published once before a few months ago to get some feedback and there were a few bugs I had to work out but in the process was able to add quite a bit more content. I have spent over 1000 hours getting this right and would really appreciate anyone that tries it out. The scenario is sort of a “What if” Khal Drogo lived. Start in Vaes Dothrak and conquer much of Western Essos to have the resources and techs needed to start your conquest of Westeros. Fight in multiple potential trials by combat. The decisions you make and routes followed can lead to potentially different outcomes and routes to victory. 20+ hero units to find along the way, many of which come with bonus units or potential routes to diplomacy. Most major cities and strongholds are present in Essos and Westeros. From Kings Landing to Raventree hall. Unite the Dothraki to become the Last Khal. Train a mix of different units from Unsullied to Iron fleet. Search the map for heroes and other side quests. Defeat the Night King and Army of the Dead to preserve Westeros for your conquest. Feel free to give me any feedback. Ive really enjoyed creating this scenario and have based a lot of my gameplay off of the many filthydelphia scenarios I’ve played. If people enjoy the scenario I would love to make more in the future. It is a very ambitious and in depth scenario and that’s why it’s taken me so long to finally publish and get right. Thank you I’m advance.