I just played Malians vs Goths … Rip should have resigned when I saw the civs.

I make some quick house walls around wood and gold pull of a quick fast feudal with 20 pop and idle my TC by sending everyone to wood and gold. I dropped 2 archery ranges. Constant production all feudal long… Ended up killing like 20 militia. We hit castle around the same time. I had like 30 crossbows and 4 mangonels attacking his TC, he dropped a castle behind it while im trying to kill his TC he attacks me with like 8 Huskarls and 1 onager… He literally ended up killing everything I even had Bodkin… Like come on he just showed that you can completely take skirms out of Goth tech tree and kill like 10 vils in feudal force him to drop like 5 towers down and he will still win the game

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