Goths Buff: gain last cavalry armor upgrade

I suggest that goth cavalry receive the last armor upgrade - they only get cavalier so it will still be lesser than most civs, but it increases their ability to have further flexibility while not increasing their infantry ability


Thats not fixing the problem with Goths

It gives them the cavaliers as a decent melee buffer as far as a tank as well as increases their scout line ability

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Again, thats not fixing the problem with Goths.

Its like trying to fix Cumans giving them gunpowder or siege engineers


Name their problem please

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A weak early game and a massive early imp powerspike.


The endgame can be beaten with the right tactics - endgame power spike is fine and could use further flexibility while not being overpowered to perfect them and round them out -

as for the early game - they could certainly try being defensive - they certainly have the ability to reach castle age with little trouble as long as the eco defense is used the right way - once there they have plenty of options

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Disagree on strats being able to easily defeat them (they either die before that or make the enemy have a really really hard time). Extra flexibility at the late game is pointless if you dont fix the actualy problems of the civ. Why should you ever go cavalier when you have a unit spam with better options for whatever role cavalier would fill?

Plenty of options is just going Huskarls right? Because I dont think they have plenty of options.

They have the ability to survive until castle age but thats not saying much.


Huskarl+mangonels for anti archer rushes - champions for others and scout/knight ability if needed - depends on what the enemy intends / in imperial age more than mindless spam is preferred - hand cannoneers help them allot there and the huskarl is a wonderful anti archer specialist while the champions do their job - the problem is that they lack a decent melee tank and a good counter to the more mobile cav archer classes - upgrading their scout line adds to that flexibility while cavaliers help with the melee tank role

The cavalry upgrade gives them what they need
and are supplementary to their current strategy not a replacement


You dont need anything else than champions and huskarls if you want any kind of shield. It works better than knights. And cav archers are easy to deal when they dont have nowhere to run.


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They would be added to the ability of their military as a whole, not a replacement but a boon


A boon you will never get to use because it doesnt help them with the actual problems

We have people suggesting they get the last infantry armor upgrade, the cavalry upgrade is better for them balance-wise.

If you really need a early game buff eco-wise /
Here’s a few randomly thought options that may or may not currently exist

houses cost 50% less wood

Start with +3 deer in the vicinity (anywhere from 6-7 total on a regular map like arabia)

Boar types give +40% food

Villagers +5 Los

+20 gold, 15 food and 10 wood per 10% of the map discovered up to 50%

Start with +1 hunting dog(runs instead of walks, unable to attack deer so can be used to lure/push, doesn’t take population space preferred)

+100% food from deer

First 15 farms +1 free reseed


Goths don’t need major buffs and the instant Loom=extra villager before age up


The instant loom isnt enough to hold them for feudal AND castle age. They would need something stronger at the cost of the early imp nerfed

Their imperial does not need a nerf and in fact would do well with a proper balanced buff

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LOOOOOOOOOOOL (on the imperial age being balanced that is)

Seriously no. A buff to something that isnt their infantry at late game is pointless and the early imp spike is really unbalanced.


Their infantry is fine as is - their huskarl is not a melee focus it’s an anti archer/building focus - turning them into quality melee fighters is detrimental to the balance of the civ, cavalry armor buff instead gives them the buff they actually need not something that overpowers them.

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The others are the units that are anti melee.

Never said that they need to be

Its absolutely not the buff they need. They will never use it because they dont need it, simple as that

They do need it. Cavalry is a much needed boon they lack as far as mobile archer type counters and provide versatility that would in fact see use. Far from useless and much better than overpowering their infantry.

As for the cavaliers - they provide the quality meat shield that can be healed often if needed while having less of a chance of dying - but not too much of a chance - at a price. That also increases the types of strategies that may be used for goths in the mid-game and the lategame.