Great Job balancing the game Devs LOL

Great Balance this patch China now 30%-40% win rate across almost all ELO brackets in team games and 1v1s…

heres the link to check yourself, have a play around. 1v1 is even more unbalanced.

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Wait until each civilization has at least 500 games each…

I agree on this but only for top civs / middle of pack. China is now bottom tier civ and it wont change. Only thing that might slightly affect their winrate is their only viable way of playing the game now which is tower rush but even that is not as strong as mongol tower rush. So it remains to be seen if china just starts tower rushing

If I scroll down, I see different lines starting to converge closer over time. Wait until you have a bigger sample size. Rus and Chinese are still figuring out how to actually play the civ as designed instead of spamming bombards and horse archers to victory.


You were right! Last game I found a simple strategy none of those silly pro players found. It was so simple really, ppl just couldn’t see beyond the siege spam, didn’t realize the full potential of china, the way it was designed to play, the fun way, not the braindead siege spam noob tactics. Now I am going to share it, you will all find it a best way to conclude the matches fast and efficient. Ready? Here goes the secret-chinese-newmeta-proplay !


o…m…g… if i had known earlier!!!

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Meanwhile in our universe

people who plays game, and do not post shit


Stop spamming in the forums.
You Chinese players just get spoiled by sicknesses FL and Bombards


This wasn’t an even match; beastyqt could have played the fairy princess civilization and achieved the same results. The fact that you think Chinese players don’t understand their own advantages and haven’t used this strategy quite specifically against mongol rushes two patches ago is hilarious and indicates to me that you also haven’t figured out that the way to beat bombard spam is by taking out the Chinese while they are still infantile and useless in Feudal. Don’t project your own incompetence on Chinese players

-Bobbie Mcgee

I am just copy it, Cuz I don’t really want to waste my time to explain it.

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Don’t even use your own words instead of copying other’s comments.

Chinese Civs is toxic and its need to be removed, I am saying it.

Come change my mind LOL

Why change your mind? ? ? ? Are you M? ?LMAO

Subjective assumptions. This forum has pathological people who often take subjective attacks. You are scolding the citizens of a country behind your back, do you have the guts to say where you are from? Of course I can smell that smell even if you don’t say it.

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lol so the only strat China has now is tower rushing? SICKKKKK so thats the fun way to play the game? lol

why cut off the bracket and ELO this is on?

Some people just want you to see what he wants you to see, like his pictures, the game has been patched many times, but he still chooses the original version, just because it has what he wants to see

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Literally same guy said china is trash tier… Can anything get to you?

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No, he is chinese hater and tries to justify anything to suit his own argument. He uses any form of click bait video to his argument or any other ridiculous scenario.


Do you realize that Chinese player’s elo is 2054 while Mongol’s 1434 (at the time the game was played), that’s why Beasty changed to Chinese as soon as he realize the big 600 elo gap (you can check on his twitch, he changed civ right after knowing his opponent’s elo), kind of handicapping and wanting to try new Chinese against low-elo opponent.

< > at 01:58:45

I mean I don’t agree that China is unplayable after this nerf, it is heavily weakened, but still fun to play, even more, when you have to rely more on your skill, just like the first two weeks when people consider china a bottom tier.

But this example you gave (again) is a bad one due to the big difference in players’ skills. Maybe you need to look into details first before showing anything and trying to outsmart others cause it will give us the opposite impression.

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This guys a PRO
95% of the player base would not be able to micro like he dose. Most would mess this up bad.

China is still bad. Imagine if he did this with a op CIV. Would have been easier and faster. Mongoles can tower rush better and without need for walls like he made here. Hes doing this for the memes I think

Also this wouldn’t work in a team game. Team mates would come and shut this down in 1 min and you would be behind.

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fake news
What 10,000 games?
old patch.

now new patch 6,000 games.