Great Wall gateway unlock thicker walls?

As we all know, the beta version shows us the construction permission of unlocking the stone wall after Rus builds the Spasskaya tower. I personally like this design very much, because it not only provides more possibilities for the development of game tactics, but also retains the civilized characteristics (after all, the probability of building the Spasskaya tower in PVP is not high, and this is a very late situation). Give a compliment to the production team!

Then for the same reason, maybe the Great Wall gateway can also unlock and build a thicker wall for Chinese. The model can directly use the Great Wall in the campaign, but it is not only a change in appearance. This thick wall has more HP, and can accommodate more infantry at the same time. Most importantly, its thickness is wide enough to allow siege weapons to mount the wall! This is not only in line with history, but also adds fun to the game.

Of course, if this will increase the range of siege weapons, it may lead to IMBA, so that the gain of siege weapons on the wall should be changed to increase their HP, or increase the loading speed.

In addition, while unlocking the thicker walls, Chinese can still build ordinary walls. In addition to the gain effect, the construction speed of the Great Wall is obviously slower and the cost will be more expensive.

In a word, this change can not only improve the embarrassing position of the Great Wall gateway, a landmark building, but also greatly increase the fun of the game, and will not affect the balance of the game. After all, PVP rarely reaches this point. Most importantly, as a nation that built a long city of ten thousand miles, Chinese deserves to have more wall features.

All picture from @MomentoTR89

By the way, I suggest that the production team replace the model of Rus stone tower. Now it uses a general model, but according to the information provided by @MomentoTR89: in fact, there is a more Rus style “Kiev wall” in the game.