Grenadiers and grenadier type units

Originally in AOE3 classic there was just one grenadier, now there are 3.5 standard ones as well as a few mercenary/native varieties.

Some people dismiss grenadiers others might swear by them.

Should other non-artilery siege units (IFlamethrower, Mantlet) be considered the same as grenadiers for in game effects like the Team Musketeer/Grenadier combat card?

Honestly I’m surprised how much I like the new ottoman grenadier on paper they look like a big downgrade but in practice I found them shocking useful.

a ver dejame acordarme de los granaderos que existen:

Granadero estandar: Es el normal que todas las civs tienen resiste muy bien a distancia y puede pelear bien contra la infanteria

Granadero Hungaro: Tiene casi las mismas stats que un granadero estandar PERO! con 6 mas de rango y de visión

Granadero Gigante: En la practica su nombre es más un nombre historico por el uniforme ya que estab basados en los regimientos prusianos más concretamente en los gigantes de postdam son un mosquetero con daño en area cuando disparan

Humbaraci: basicamente ya viste que es lo unico de este granadero (siendo bastante unico la verdad)

son los más reconocibles

luego estan los lanzadores de discos de los nativos
los lanzadores de fuego de los malteses
los incendiarios mercenarios

los cuales cada uno tienen sus aspectos unicos


there is already a grenade trooper tags for the “grenadier” type units

iirc flame and manlets are “siege troopers” which are another catergory


eso! y su simbolo es de una dinamita, cuando saques milicianos estos tienen bonus contra este tipo de unidades

Is Siege Trooper different than ‘Siege unit’? well regardless I’m thinking they’re the same like ‘foot archer’ and ‘rifleman’ are the same even though they’re mutually exclusive some effects use both and all units with those tags are ‘light infantry’.

Grenadiers in general have been buffed in melee, they do a lot of damage in melee now with aoe as well. They still get beat easily by cavalry though due to their 0.25x vs cav.

The new ottoman grenadier is quite interesting, slightly more damage, a bit more speed and HP and more range at the cost of less aoe damage and less ranged resistance. With all ottomans upgrade cards it can become quite strong, perhaps the brit grenadier could be better though with all the 3 team cards, grenade launchers and the age 4 card.

there is no siege unit tag iirc EDIT : there is but there are no cards or techs that affects “Siege Units”, only troopers

Tags in this game matters only when they are specifically reference in cards, techs or multipliers so its best to not gernalise cause you will always find a situation where it doesnt apply

the trooper tags usually applies to non artillery units that are meant to siege down buildings

If grenadiers substituted falconets these new ones also substitute culverin . So you have an artilery counter that also adds to you firepower.

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Yeah siege trooper is any units with decent siege. Opri, steppe, huaraca etc…