Gurjaras' Mills

Can garrsion mills with livestock.

This would be fine in 1v1. But in a 4v4 map of let’s say arena/black forest, your allies could donate thier livestock to you, so you could have a flood of food.

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if its anything like SWGB the amount of food you get is minimal per time period

Still though, you have what is basically lesser relics.

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Your allies will suffer at the cost of your upliftment.


Perhaps only donate some then?

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here’s the thing, you yourself are also losing. you lose 800 instant free food, you are basically playing the long game with this bonus. there is a reason another one of their eco bonuses is two free berry bushes, to ensure you don’t have to rush farms.


Tbh I thibk thr bigger problem will be in Frigid Lake

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That said… I got an even more insane one. Tatars ally spam TCs, and gives them even more sheep. XD


I like that these civs will be able to combine bonuses with other civs in interesting ways.

FBP They might generate slow food or destroying garrisoned mill may result in death of livestock In which case you and your mill will be the largest target for everyone to converge on

And Tatars sheep lasts longer. Tatars ally totally can donate 2 sheep at Dark age without any problem. And then donate all the free sheep that they later gets from building TC.

Bengalis + Spanish + Hindustanis + Bohemians = Trade goes STONK.


good idea. its these types of things that make me wonder if theyll put a cap on it. either the sheep is OP in TG, or too weak in 1v1

if its fast enough to make an impact in 1v1, then it could be OP in TG when you stack the right team mates. whereas if it isnt OP in TG, then the rate must be low but then it doesnt do much in 1v1

same logic for certain sheep heavy maps.

its similar to the issue we have with mongols atm with hunt heavy maps. whereas with gurj, they can tweak it by capping it. unlike mongols that are oppressive AF, and almost an auto pick for megarandom nowadays

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They could set a limit to the food gain per minute…

And I think the food gain need to be considerably high cause how important free food in the early game is. Everything below 5 F / Minute per sheep would be really weak bonus.
(Think about: It would take 20 minutes to get the free food in)


You mean Ghost Lake, right?

Yeah yeah I meant that

Per mill or in total? Cuz I was thinking they can limit it with mill garrison space, but you could always just build more, sort of like Feitorias.

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yeah that’s why it needs to be global
I mean it’s kinda obvious. There are maps with like 50 sheep or so, gurajas would just be broken there if it isn’t limited.

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I mean, so are Britons or Tatars.


britons sure.
Tatars? not that much actually. Tatars optimum is somewhere at 10-12 sheep. Less and it’s not overwhealmingly much, more and the other civs have also a nice amount of free food to work with.
But gurajas would be even more cause they would not only have a strong early game boost but it would actually be a permanent eco bonus. That would be unmatched.


I would love if the Mills getting destroyer would also destroy the livestock garrisoned in them. Sort of like how your units die when a Transport is destroyed. That takes away the permanency, at least. And you generally dont target mills, this can be a fun new way of adding priorities in the game!