Guys, let's vote for DLC civ you want

Africa is for sure. There are already African civs in Historical Battles.
They will be 99% in the new DLC :wink:

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This game has been released for less than a year, but many people have been encouraged by the release of AOE2’s DLC. I think they should be a little bit calmer and wait until developers leaves an official message.

When expectations are high, disappointment is also big.

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I don’t think that AOE3 has become unpopular because of the concept of the game. The release dates of AOE2 and AOE3 are different, and they have different backgrounds.

The reason most people claim it is a shackle is simply because there aren’t many civilizations, and no famous European civilizations have appeared. I would like to ask about this by listening to the Cossacks series. They certainly deal with many European civilizations and famous European battles such as the Thirty Years War and Seven Years War, but they are less well known than AOE3.

Having a lot of content for soloing and frequent balance patches for multi-games will have a better effect on the game.

Don’t you want European maps, new campaigns, civilizations and more?

Cossacks are a minor brand.

Bug fixes will not increase the number of players (and will not encourage them to buy the game). It will only keep the fans on this game.

Yes I don’t want MORE Europeans And there are probably more people who think like me than you think.

It’s a small brand, but it has all of the content you said. You just seem to want to do 3d AOE2 or Age of Europe.

QA is the easiest way to improve the quality of your game and reduce disappointment. Even now, many users hesitate to move to DE due to numerous bugs scattered in the game. Immediately after release, developers neglected QA, and now DE has lost a lot of users. I hope the developers become more aware of that.

I invite you to vote:

This trend continues.

Here some persian wonders from their home city Isfahan:


Maybe the opposite. Africans may not want to see their race being attacked by Europeans. The image of their ancestors appeared in any commercial work. Because we know the results of the war

You forgot the might Tupi from South America.

The creator of the poll explained the lack of American natives.

I miss them personally too. There is only one playable South American civilization in this game - the Incas. It would be nice if Tupi, Maya, Cherokee, Huron, Mapuche and Apache showed up.

Austrians are already in the game. And Poles dont make sense in games theme nor do European maps. This game also doesnt need and shouldnt get 30+ civs like AoE II. You already see with Incas and Swedish they are really, really not that unqiue seeing almost all their unique stuff was already a kind of mechanic for other civs.

The only real sense is an African expansion seeing that can bring a new set of civ mechanics and unique maps.

Also would like some new civs not really Ethiopians as they are also in AoE II, would like some new kind of civs we havent seen yet in AoE games.

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I agree with everything you said but i think Ethiopians must be included because of their status among african kingdoms but they could also add 2 completely new african civs like Zulu, Kongolese or Songhai f.e.

But it does. The more, the merrier.

Colonialism is done, been there already. Early Modern Period is more than Colonialism, and sticking to this theme is killing the game.


I would Like to see The “MAPUCHES” as a civ

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Do you think it is correct to say that the game is dying if you disagree with your opinion?

After the ensemble studio was closed in 2010, fans of the remaining games made their own patches for the game, established a community, and proceeded with the league. Why do people who enjoy the campaigns and mods and go to play other games claim they killed the game? Rather, aren’t you the ones who abandoned the game when there was no more content to consume?

No, I think it is correct to say it is dying because the playerbase evaporated very quickly.
One of the things that holds this game back, when compared to AoE2, is precisely the singualr focus on Colonialism.

History buffs like myself, which are a big part of the AoE general fanbase, find it really hard to play such a mono-themed game for so long, specially when we know the Period is not characterised by colonial ventures alone.

There is a lot more that could be done in AoE3, but we are not getting because “muh Colonialism”.

In fact, most of the famous mods for AoE3, already move away from Colonialism, and introduce nations that never had any.


Anyway, even if there are a lot of new civilizations, new content, and new things coming out, AOE3 becomes worthless to those who are asking for new things anymore when all of them are consumed. What’s really important is that balance patches, events, and bugfixes come first. Adding something is next. Those who want a complete history in AOE3 like you, or just a gimmick you’ve never seen, don’t care if it really suits the game. It just consumes the content in front of you, and after the content is exhausted, the game is discarded and deleted from memory. Then the game is stuck in the concept, and purists complain about ruining the game.

After you left the game, really game-loving folks who are called purists have made their own patches to consume this game to the end, balanced it for multiplayer, run ladders and leagues to show that the game is still possible. What have you shown?

That is simply not true. AoE2’s playerbase has only grown when the content was expanded.
SP players do not simply vanish when they get a new expo, and finish all the SP content. A lot of them go MP afterwards, and most keep playing Skirmish for a long time.

The more variety and options a Startegy game has, the more player retention it holds, and the easier it is to sell new content too.

These things are not free, and will not sustain a dying game. No one cares about numbers tweaking, the vast majority of players will rather prefer new elements added instead.

I have shown Microsoft how to make money, which is the end goal of game development. It has done wonders for AoE2.


If AOE2 wants to do that, just go to AOE2. As a long-time fan of AOE3, I hope the two series don’t mix up like AOE2’s fans wished.

The diversity and options of strategy were completely destroyed by Sweden and the Incas after Japan collapsed. You seem to have no idea how the multi-balancing between real people is going.

With no QA at all and the Tantalus team going to work on AOE2’s new DLC, the number of concurrent users on Steam dropped to less than 4000. I don’t think you don’t know that. It’s also easy to determine how many people are disappointed with DE and have requested a refund. in reality, Many original AOE3 players around me are still reluctant to play DE. Because the Tantalus team didn’t go through QA, neglected the bug and completely ruined the multibalance.

it’s free to create a mod and play it. You’d rather go back to the original and play the WOL and NE modes you really like.