Haiti Civ

Haiti civ:

I understand Haiti shouldn’t be a top priority for the devs, there are many more significant civs like Iran, Zulu, Danes, Moroccans, or the Thai, heck even in America you could still add Brazil, Gran Colombia, and maybe Argentines. However, I haven’t seen the idea of a Haitian nation put out there, so I wanted to change that. They have an inspiring story to tell, resisted the French, British, and Americans, and even contributed to Simon Bolivars revolution in exchange for him freeing the slaves of his country.

Would be another civ like Mexico and USA: staring with general and all that. The Haitian general’s flag would be special however, it’d turn villagers in its proximity into rebels (similar to the insurgente), who would be able to dish out more damage on the enemy troops.

In addition to the general they’d start with 2 voodoo priests, hero units which can inspire similar to the flag but only for a short duration of time with less effect

Instead of an estate or barracks, the Haitians gain access to the plantation, which would combine the two. It would have 3 modes: normal (villagers gather gold and units are made at the normal pace), concentrated production (villagers don’t gather gold and instead increase the rate of production of the units), and “To Arms!” (costs a small sum for every villager currently on the plantation, it’d turn the villagers on the plantation into rebels to ward off a raid. Rebels can be turned back into villagers by assigning them back to the plantation but it’d take some time)

Haiti would only have basic walls as a tradeoff to this feature.

Has a voodoo church which can train voodoo priests, hero units with build limit of 2. Expensive yet powerful unique improvements can be found here, such as the Age 5 Hail freedom: an ability for you general to turn enemy units in an area “sympathetic” and stop shooting

Saloons get the unique technology “Inspiring Tales” which cheapen mercenary and outlaw costs

Instead of advancing in age through state cards since Haiti is so small, Haiti would use a new set of politicians whose reforms give you access to new cards, they would work similarly to native councilmembers except you can stick to the one you currently have for a cheaper cost. You can’t switch to one you already switched out of. Some ideas for reformers would be:

The Military Officer (military benefits)

The Abolitionist (economic benefits)

The Kings Relative (home city shipment buffs)

The Free Man of Color (economic benefits at the cost of some of some of Haiti’s unique features like rebels)

The White Noble (essentially tries to get your civ more European like replacing voodoo churches with regular ones)

In the industrial age Haiti can choose to reintegrate with France, this would essentially make you start playing as the French civilization. You can then advance to Imperial as France or revolt and become Haiti again. If you revolt all your villagers will become rebels. For context when France became revolutionary France they abolished slavery so rejoining France was an option Haitians considered, however when Napolean came he tried to reimpose slavery which cause Haiti to revolt again.

Some unique home-city shipments (or church improvements) may include:

Age 2:

Looting: destroyed enemy buildings grant a gold sum in addition to xp

March of the free: Units near your general are faster

Fearless: rebels have bonus damage against artillery

Caribbean trade: a hacienda

Taino integration: a native embassy wagon with Carib improvements

Age 3:

Planning sessions: Voodoo priest inspire effect is greater

Supply raids: destroying an enemy production building creates a rebel in that spot

Pirate hub: Privateers can be hired from docks, privateers generate gold when attacking, and docks give a sizeable gold sum when destroyed.

Spanish supporters: a number of rodeleros and lance cav

Age 4:

Battle Hardened: your general has his own inspiring ability around himself, essentially being a warchief

Insurrection: all villagers become rebels at a cheaper price than plantations, essentially a revolution

Polish contingent: 20 Polish Winged Hussars (new merc) and cav is faster

Stolen American supplies: 4 gatling guns

British defectors: 12 redcoats and a rocket

Simon Bolivar’s Ally: 2 Haciendas and a number of Spanish troops

Pirate Fleet: available if you have no other warships, ships 9 privateers

Renegade shipments for Americans, British, French, and Spanish would also be available.

Haitian tech tree:

Since Haiti was formed by slave rebellion they won’t have the most powerful troops, more like cheap amateur fighters that can be made in mass. In later stages of the game, they gain access to more experienced units. Some potential units could be (names can always use improvement since I barley know anything about this part)

Homecity only:

(Age 3) Haitian Musketeer: The most powerful unit of this civ, these are fast musketeers like Ashigarus which also pack a punch.

Plantation (Barracks):

(Age 2) Rebels: only created by the “To Arms!” ability, if not used for defending they play a similar role to pikeman. They have the battle-cry big button ability to do more resist artillery fire and do more damage to artillery

(Age 2) Rifleman: Amateur skirmisher eager to fight for the homeland. They’re faster than their European counterparts

(Age 3) Haitian Guard: Beefy skirmisher which improves the hit points of Rifleman around it


(Age 2) Haitian Rider: 1 pop horsemen like the karambits of AoE3 hussars

(Age 3) Haitian dragoon: dragoon that takes longer to fire but packs a punch

(Age 4) Haitian Cuirassier: a Cuirassier like unit that sacrifices hit points for attack

Artillery Foundry:

Probably nothing would change

In the end you get a hard to raid civ (raiding would still cause idle time) with a good economy and cheap units which transitions into a more powerful playstyle.
So what do you think? Haiti for the next American civ? Feedback is welcome :slight_smile: !

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I’m pretty sure we are never ever going to get Haiti because anything that deals with unsavory topics like slavery gets censored these days.

But if they’re going to add Haiti they need some Maroons:

Inspiring flags are easily the stupidest feature in the game but your idea for a Haitian version is really creative. It would be extremely hard to balance mass villager conversions though.

The Polish contingent should enable Winged Hussars or Uhlans at the fort like Pulaski’s Legion.

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