Hakkapelit, Cruzob Infantry and their bonus against ERK

Two units were introduced in the TWC expansion to replace the cavalry in the Aztecs; the “eagle running knight” (ERK) and the “running coyote” (coyote). both units are classified as “shock infantry” which would be an equivalent to “cavalry”. But the coyote is classified as “Hand shock infantry” an equivalent of “heavy cavalry”, while the ERK falls into the “Ranged shock infantry” classification which is an equivalent of “light cavalry” and to which only the ERK belongs. Hakkapelit and Cruzob infantry have a ranged attack bonus against “heavy cavalry” and for symmetry these should have a bonus against “Hand shock infantry”. But instead of having a bonus against “Hand shock infantry” its bonus is against “Ranged shock infantry”, affecting the ERK when it shouldn’t.

I think that the bonus that both units have should be changed so that they no longer affect the ERK.

no es eso, lo que tienen es un bonus contra infanteria de choque en general, y de manera lamentable el ERK es una especie de infanteria de choque, te quejas de ello pero no te quejas de que no es facilmente contrarestable por una gran cantidad de guerrilleros debido a ese tag

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