Hand Cannoneers +20 vs infantry?

Hand Cannoneers +20 vs infantry instead of just +10 sounds like a really good improvement, right?

Would it be enough?


sounds like a good idea since it doesnt increase their effectiveness vs anything else (like the accuracy/hp recommendations) it shouldnt have unforeseen ramifications…

Enough for what ? Killing infantry ? They are already good at that.

Buffing accuracy or lowering cost would be far better.

No need to make them a hard counter to a class that is already non-existent


plz no

I don’t think this change would make Portuguese, Turks, Italians, or any infantry civs more fun.

I know their description says they’re a gold-intensive infantry counter, but I dislike playing with gold-intensive hard counter units.

Interesting idea, but as already mentioned there problem isn’t really against infantry. I think +20 could increase the problem SOtL pointed out that there is a lot of overkill, which wastes their damage output.

What if we added a bonus damage against skirms, that would give them one additional thing that they are the better choice then arbs against. So you’d have to counter with cav, CA, or arbs?


Indeed, we need a pop efficient endgame-viable infantry. That’s what the game is lacking.
Then HC as a easy to tech in late-game hard-counter would be very interesting for all civs that lack decent archers.

Maybe tech line that reduces the pop space infantry takes would be interesting. And some of the stronger infantry civs don’t get the last upgrades, like goths and vikings.

But HC just can’t be a archer replacement, it’s just to easy to tech into, so they need a slightly different role, which i think can only be a infantry counter, all other options would make them too strong.

As far as I know skirms don’t have armor class of their own. Devs need to add another class for this idea which requires a lot of balancing works.

I’d give the hand cannoneers (and janissaries) a small reload time buff, from 3.45 to 3.1, and a small accuracy buff, +5% or 10%, and see how it goes from there. I think they just need a little boost.


give +5 hp and increase +5 against infantry should do it.

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