Handcannoneer attack speed issue!

It has too fast an attack speed in the game!

in Top Khan’s video called " Testing the Knights 100 v 100 in AoE 4 (SCUFFED)"

He tested units against 100 Knights vs 100 Handcannoneer at 4:30min/sec
And the result was horrible. The Handcannoneers have too fast attack speed!
At the release, I bet the community will complain about this issue as they are tanky enough to withstand Khigts and outpace its “attack speed” with really “High” damage…
It simply doesn’t make sense!
The knights need to have specific bonus damage (not archer) to Handcannoneers.

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There is no issue at all. Hand Cannoneers are the lategame unit that beats most other units. Its terrible at sieging buildings and its terrible against artillery. If Age 4 units were worse than Age 3 units or Age 2 units considering some civs get Age 2 Knights, why would you ever spend 2400 food and 1600 coin to unlock Age 4 in the first place?

Handcannoneers are not the tanks on the battlefield.
They are support units with mid-range and high attack damage with slow reload time. That is why they must have a weak point when they are in close-range combat.
Right now, there is no penalty for that, except they would use a melee weapon in close-range combat.
They should have really high dmg and really slow reload time and it will make a world of difference.


MAA cost 100f 20g, while handcannoneer cost 120f 120g


Does it feel dumb to have them gun down knights in CQB with the most primitve handheld gunpowder weapon ever? Yes.
Is it unbalanced? Seems to. The handcannoneers should not win cost effectively if not screened by some meat shield unit (or buildings or landscape features).
Maybe massing that many handcannoneers is unlikely due to other constraints (upgrade path, timing, upgrade cost, ease of countering by mixing in other units like archers,…). As TopKhan says: There was not much time to test through more scenarios.

I just hope they are prepared to (and open to) changing values of units in quick iterations to keep up with whatever meta develops over time. Not sad, unbalanced gameplay for half a year followed by over-adjustment…*sad steppe lancer noises


I laughed when I saw threads saying mass knights has no good counter and is the most powerful thing in the game. Handcannons are amazing lol

Knights are more mobile though, but that fact is completely ignored when you’re working with calculators

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costs can be changed accordingly.

well, guns > swords , change my mind

Going up to level 4 allows you to improve the statistics of all your units. I think they must be nerfed.

Hand Cannoneers were nerfed from 42 damage to 35 damage in recent patch. Is that not enough for you?

By the way Strelets are still costing less ressources than other Handcannoneers but are way superiour. And they still have 50 melee damage for some reason. No other faction has better units which are also cheaper. Thats a huge balance issue.

If Horse Archers were not grossly overpowered in Age IV, then everyone would be massing Strelets in Age IV. You can do both if you like but Horse Archers beat pretty much everything with their 6,5 range, fast speed and high HP considering their cost.

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I can defend a wonder, only with gunpowder on the walls. Winning the cavalry is possible with spearmen since they cost and take less time, in addition to their additional damage, but the same does not happen with those of gunpowder, the knights cost and take the same time, therefore, they do not win.

I just made a post on the subject


I just made a post on the subject