Has Age of Empire III been abandoned?

In recent games, I have felt an increasing number of cheating players, with a significant increase in game stutters and a large number of offline issues. Many of my game friends have started to reduce or even quit the game due to worsening game issues. At the same time, it has been almost a year since our last large DLC Mediterranean Knights, and the maintenance of the game is clearly not as good as the same period last year. Is Age of Empire III about to be abandoned?

The issue of game connection failure has significantly increased, even hindering normal gaming. In recent games, there have been frequent issues of game lag and player loss of connection, which is very frustrating

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In theory no, but from what I understand a part of the developers of Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition were reassigned to Age of Mythology: Retold.

On the SteamDB page an increase in players is shown, with this increase in players it makes sense that you find more cheaters and people with bad connections.


Moral is very low. There is almost no chat relevant to the game as it exists on any of the forums, just wish list stuff.

The decision has either been made to shunt players from this game to another,which doesn’t make a lot of sense because of the work already done, or the team that is in charge just simply can’t hit the mark.

Admittedly it isn’t easy but the bro’s stats page has shown that good information can be had. The devs have to have something comparable. Yet the Swede, China juggernaut rolls on. The Otts get buffed every patch even though they are a close third. The Brits get super nerfed even though the stats show they are a high middle tier, now they are bottom with Portuguese.

Who knows what the plan is but by now it’s pretty much apparent to anyone that wants to have a fair game that unless they play a lamer civ they won’t get it here


Clearly you are not aware of the civ performances. Look at Ottos and witness how poorly they perform: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_tzWbVpY9XzbqUiuaBsZIoPh3U9DnTVMsNiyMFa082U/edit#gid=711660608

Some players strangely nitpick 1-2 buffs from the ottoman change list and ignore other 10 nerfs which were made for them.

I hope the data above can convince you, not me.


Not sure if serious.

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What I am trying to say is, ottos are ok/good but nowhere like these civs such as china, india, sweden and so on.

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All I want to say is World’s Edge really needs to work on communication.

The activity on steamdb has greatly increased over the past couple of weeks so no, the game isn’t being abandoned. I really don’t know how FE is managing to juggle every single game outside of AoEO but somehow they are managing to do it.


And about the abandonment, I think yes, the ship has sailed, unfortunately.

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By the cumulative statistics they are third. This is lagging of course because it takes time for the patches to affect the results but if you look at the trend lines it’s pretty easy to extrapolate where things will go based on any adjustment.

Funny thing is swedes have been the favorite son ever since the spreadsheet was published a few months ago, truthfully pretty much since the game came out. Portuguese have been in the bottom languishing in their extra tc’s the whole time. I think ports got 50 food the last patch. People are on the forums asking for swedes to get another merc buff.

They may get it.

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Ah, the usual “there’s no new DLC at the moment so the game is dead” thread.


Got to love those good vibes


You’re all a sad bunch!

It’s not been abandoned. It’s reguarly patched and had the last ‘big’ dlc just last year. It’s on a really great sale currently which means a little more coverage and more potential buyers for the next dlc.

If you’re comparing it with AoEII and their support, it will always look like we are behind.


Heck, RoR isn’t even a 2DE DLC. One look at the AoE2 forum and you’ll see the enthusiasm…


The core issue lies in the deterioration of the game’s visual performance, an increase in cheaters, bugs, and a shortage of previously unseen particles leading to disconnections. Many games with my friends and I have lost connectivity several times, resulting in the inability to complete a complete game

The lack of DLC is just unsettling, but the increase in bugs in the game itself is a visible experience. We used to be able to play games smoothly, but now the game has clearly become more stuck and prone to crashes,This was rare in the past, but in today’s game alone, in a five game confrontation with my friends, three of them collapsed and were eliminated, and another game failed to load at the beginning. In recent games, on average, only three to four of the ten games were able to proceed smoothly


Yeah it’s an attempt to merge the AoE1DE playerbase into AoE2DE since AoE1DE is the only game that has been “abandoned” from all DEs.
But if they’re trying to aim for the Vietnamese playerbase then good luck for them with that since they’re very stubborn on playing the 1998 Rise of Rome version.


It was literally patched less than 2 weeks ago and the database shows they are still updating depots, meaning more changes and content is coming.

So no.


Ironically it’s usually the worst right before a big DLC.


I’m not speaking of additions to the game. I am only talking about the health of the game as it exists. How could you want added content when what already is in place needs work?

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Is the game being abandoned?
Yes and NO, I have seen that a lot of people are entering the game, but at the same time a lot of people are leaving, especially those who have more level. Making it ultimately more difficult to find a game that is balanced, and the ones I play simply get tired because both allies and enemies are not at the level of one and his team, both in casual and Ranke becoming boring for both sides. I have also seen a great decrease of people in the communities no longer seeing people to play especially the older ones.

Along with this can be added a lack of new content and the balance of certain civs in the game.

The game is dying no, just the ones that were there are leaving.


Well this is an unusually high levels of overdramatic hyperbole, but could make for a possibly entertaining flame thread, so posting here to track for later review