Has anyone found the 4 Easter Eggs from this patch?

Per the patch notes:

In addition to these daily tasks, there are also four new Easter Eggs to seek out in the game—two of which are permanent additions! Can you find them all?

Has anyone found these yet? I have no clue what these could be and seeing as how the game requires the micromanagement of 100 different things at once, I likely wouldnt even notice and “Easter Egg” during a normal game.

the trebuchet has “new” stats that you should take a look at.

As far as I can tell, 3 are meme references, and one is an art swap for the King face from the original game, on the loading screen.

Where are the meme references at?

The Superior Siege Engine Trebuchet meme.

The 10 Elephants fit in a Transport Ship, but 11 Archers don’t

I do not know what the last Easter Egg is.

My favourite AoE2 meme did not make it, though.

No BTGGF Huskarl meme.

Thanks for the info. Where do these memes appear in the game?

During gameplay, and one on the loading screen.

Here are your answers

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