Hausa has no way to counter heavy infantry well in late game

Hausa’s problem is that the only late-game base light infantry unit, the Fulani Archer, doesn’t really do any damage against heavy infantry. For an archer that costs 100 resources it does the same damage as a Russian strelet, but without being cheap like this. Even now similar units like the Maltese crossbowmen or British longbow are decent compared to the Fulani.


The corsair marksman isn’t bad.


non-massable, have construct a lot of towers to get a decent mass.

I’d imagine 3 towers is enough, only 150 more wood than 3 barracks and they are outposts so add a bit of defense.


Plus 1 outpost is free from the tech, so it’s super easy to go into.

Another option is the Akan unit which can pack a punch in numbers against numbers.

Fulani arnt that bad. Two cards to upgrade plus and age up tech make ‘em decent late game. But shouldn’t be mono comping with them. Need a unit mix.

Might be bias, they are my best civ. Got +10 win streaks and up 300 elo since using Hausa. That includes wins against Brit’s going musk heavy

Fulani isn’t decent with upgrades anda cards, about 60 damage vs heavy infantry. can’t deal properly with halbs, caroleans, mexican Soldado, and Akan has bad train time. Tower in’s enough because are constantly destroyed, I’m talking from a treaty perspective.


o dano base do fulani e muito baixo a taxa de tiro e boa mais que e ruim e o dano base eu mudaria ter o ROF de 3 com o dano duplicado eles podem ter ate 25 de alcance em jogos longos

Well there might be the problem. Standard game play compared to treaty is not balanced. Hausa over preforms in standard and certain isn’t needing buffs. Can’t speak for treaty play

Fulani archers are decent enough, closer to longbowmen though.

You know you can get Falconets right? And more reliably than ethiopia.

no Advanced arsenal, then his falconets are bad. No, they aren’t closer to longbowmen since the British rework. Longbowmen have X1.75 multiplayer vs heavy infantry and better attack with all the cards, Fulani 1.5 X vs heavy infantry, low attack ( 21) with all the cards, and the same rate of fire. that’s the problem. Maltese and Spanish crossbows are cheaper and have better multiplayer and attack

but this attack is situational and is not enough good. U have to use Fulani age up.

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Ethiopian falconets are better, · 3 Lil bombard card made them better

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But Hausa has a more reliable influence source. Ethiopia only has better Falconets if they can actually get them.

yes, in fact, is better heavy cannon for hausa.

I recently won a push with hausa against an ottoman that spammed jans. It wasn’t smooth nor easy, but spamming fulani and falconets was enough to drain his resources. I think aztec is way worse than hausa in countering heavy inf.

Also, late game Hausa has a great supply of wood through some cards and cattle trade, so the cost is reduced overall. Finally, fulani archer, with every card and technology from university applied ends up with an outstanding range.

but low attack, low muiltiplayer, and is kind situational.

but aztec slinger is cheaper than fulani and i think that makes almost the same damage.

Fulani has double the damage of strelet. What are you talking about. The extra range is also very good. If you age up with fulani the tech makes them even better.